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Helping The Houseless

A hand reaching down to help another hand with the caption "helping the houseless"

Author: Ashley Vukovich

The summertime is a brutal season for everyone. Depending on where you live, the heat varies, but it still is significantly increased from your winter and spring weather. Whether you are a construction worker that works long days outdoors, or maybe you work indoors 9-5 but have a walk or bike ride home, or maybe you are even a student on summer vacation; it’s hard to beat the heat. The houseless in our communities deal with the exact same issues.

When making donations to local shelters and charities, many of us think about donating items during the holidays to give back, and to donate items that help keep people warm. Like blankets, jackets, hand warmers, sleeping bags, etc. But did you know that local shelter and charity donations cut almost in half during the warmer months?

The summer months bring certain essentials to keep the houseless as healthy and comfortable as possible. The need for hydration is even stronger when the area heats up. Bottled water or any bottled or canned sugar-free, non-alcoholic drink is essential along with:

  1. Light summer clothing

  2. Non-perishable food and snacks, such as jerky, granola bars and packs of nuts

  3. Umbrellas for protection against the sun as well as rain

  4. Insect repellant

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Sunburn alleviators, such as aloe vera

  7. Anti-itch creams

  8. Backpacks

  9. Sunhats

Whether you are a client or candidate, feel free to contribute by stopping by The Job Shop to donate any of the above over the next few weeks, as we have a St Anthony’s donation barrel for the next month!

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