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Spring Cleaning For Charity

Author: Ashley Vukovich

As we approached the season of spring, we start to make plans with friends, schedule vacations, and ways to get outside and enjoy the break from the cold winter months. You know what else comes with spring? Spring cleaning!

Although it’s not as fun as going out with friends or planning vacations, spring cleaning has a lot of benefits! Yes, it helps your house stay clean and organized, but you can also use it as a time to donate any unwanted items to your local charities. Below are a couple items that almost every household contains that are perfect for charity.

  • Unwanted clothes. While you are purging your closet to make room for new spring clothes, pile together items like t-shirts, blouses, shorts, pants, shoes, and jackets to donate to a local shelter that provides clothing for women, men, and children. GoodWill also has a convenient Express Dropoff option.

  • Canned food. While you go through your pantry to toss what you haven’t used or don’t see yourself eating like you intended, put a bag together of non-perishables such as canned food, dried pasta, peanut butter, etc., and take to a local food bank. This is much more beneficial to your community than tossing goods into the garbage.

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