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FAQ (Jobseekers)

Helping You Stand Out

  1. How do I sign up with The Job Shop?
    Please fill out the form and a recruiter will be in touch to review your background and will reach you to discuss your job search.


  2. How much does The Job Shop charge for this service?
    We are a free service to you!


  3. What is the contact information?

    Address: 461 2nd St. C332 San Francisco, CA 94107 

    Located centrally in the SOMA district, close to the Financial District, accessible by Bart and busses 10 and 12, the T (muni), and San Francisco Cal-Train Station.


  4. Why is working with The Job Shop beneficial to me?
    We have work for you. Being in business for 20+ years, our clients trust us to give them qualified professionals for every type of role. Candidates trust us to provide them with unique opportunities that would be a great fit for them in terms of background and requirements.


  5. How can The Job Shop help me improve my skills?
    We have tutorials!
    We can set you up with as many tutorials as you like, as many times as you like. Just let us know!

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