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Think Before You Speak

Author: Tammy Doss

Do you respond immediately without thinking? When I was younger the first thing that came to mind came out of my mouth. Not always the best option!

When you are interviewing or in a business situation it is best to consider your response (ever so briefly) before blurting out something you may regret later. This is not to say that you must stifle great ideas, creativity or interesting rebuttals but you must consider the consequences of your words.

You never have to give up who you are to get your point or opinion across. What is appropriate to say is the key. Many things can be said in a non-confrontational way and your message will be well received.

Below I have offered some examples of ways to say things in a negative, rather neutral, and positive way. Put your own spin on it and always try to represent your thoughts with the most positive options.

1. Ted is a complete JACKASS and I walk the other way when I see him!

2. Ted has very strong opinions so I steer clear

3. With Ted less is more

1. The guy is an OLD GEEZER

2. Fred is a senior citizen

3. He is a gentleman in his twilight years

1. Sara has NOTHING to offer

2. She is an introvert

3. Shy Sarah would benefit from speaking up

1. This taste like CRAP

2. Chicken is bland and can benefit from a few more spices

3. Thanks for sharing this meal with me

1. I could strangle the BARRISTA!

2. I’m good with a nice cup of Joe and it doesn’t have to be Starbucks

3. I prefer tea to coffee

1. What a condescending JERK

2. John is extremely intelligent

3. You can’t pull one over on John

This theory works well in business, with friends and family, while interviewing, interacting with wait staff at a restaurant or pub, your commuter pool, the bus driver, and all other interactions.

We can all be kind and consider the way words can cut deeply when used inappropriately. So…..

Keep it real, keep it in your own words and keep it positive.

1. It is so STINKING hot outside

2. Glad to see the sun out

3. It’s not raining

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