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Knock Out Allergens at Work

A field full of allergens

Author: Ashley Vukovich 

As we enter spring (at least that’s what the groundhog told us), we get to look forward to the nice weather, outdoor activities, spring cleaning, etc. But, along with all the perks of spring, there’s downsides. One set of downsides in particular is prominent. You can almost never avoid them. Yes, we’re talking about allergies. 

Allergies are frustrating enough to deal with in your personal life, but take them into the workplace where you have to handle your daily workload, sitting near colleagues, phone calls, meetings, interviews… they become even more of a challenge. All is not lost though. If you take the few easy steps listed below, there will hopefully be relief next time you encounter the dreaded “A” word. 

  1. Allergy Medicine. There’s dozens of over-the-counter medicines on the market that help alleviate allergy symptoms. Get ahead of the game and keep a non-drowsy antihistamine on deck. 

  2. Dust. You may not even notice, but even with working at the same desk everyday, your desk is still susceptible to collecting dust. Dusting your desk every so often, can help rid of any particles that may be contributing to your allergies.

  3. Indoor Ventilation. Make sure your workplace is properly ventilated. A great option to increase the efficiency of indoor ventilation is an air purifier. Air  purifiers work by drawing in the indoor air and passing it through a filter. Most purifiers capture particles such as dust, dander, mold, and odors. 


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