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The Do's and Don'ts on a Job Site

Author: Liz Frome

Working temporary positions is a great way to break into a new industry, giving you hands-on experience and exposure to new companies. Many times, it can even land you a full-time position. There is no guarantee that a temp job will turn into a full-time one, but it is possible if you show you are a cut above the rest and the timing works. Starting in a temporary role often gives you an advantage over external candidates applying for the same job because of the internal experience and connections you have gained. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when you are on the job site when temping.

DO: Dress Professionally

When it comes to your professional appearance, the quality of your attire is much more important than the quantity. Make sure to have a few professional essentials in your wardrobe, such as a matching blazer or sports coat and dress pants in a dark, neutral shade. Remember to keep your look polished and simple so your customers can focus on your conversations. Ask your recruiter the dress for the client and we suggest to always dress a step above and then make adjustments once you have been there a while.


DO: Be Patient

Understand that a temporary assignment does not guarantee permanent placement with a specific company. Even if the staff there loves you, they might just not have a full-time opportunity available at the time. Be patient and do not ask or nag about job openings. Asking can make the staff feel uncomfortable for several reasons, including: they’re not hiring, they are hiring but are not sure if you are being considered, or they don’t want to make false promises. The best thing to do is to respect the employer and focus on doing what you were asked to do instead of asking about future employment. As they say, “Be patient good things take time!” I know it is hard but getting hired may take some time.

DO: Come Prepared & Treat Each Day As A Working Interview

Make sure you understand the company, the job you are being asked to do, make sure you know how to get to the client and make sure you do your research in advance. As a temporary candidate, every day is a working interview. This means you should integrate everything we’ve gone over in this list and more!  Show your stuff & work as if you are a full-time employee. Step up when help is needed and let your skill set shine. Ask questions when you are not sure about something and always perform to the best of your abilities with a smile on your face. Potential employers will be monitoring your performance, and if it’s impressive enough, they might ask you to come on full-time.

DO NOT: Complain

Keep in mind anything you say can get back to the hiring manager. If things are not going well on your assignment or you are having some issues please reach out to your agency. Please do remember your agency is your employer and they can help in talking to the client.

DO NOT: Gossip

“Those who Gossip with you will Gossip about you.” It is never a good idea to talk ill of others.

DO: Ask Questions

The short-term embarrassment you might suffer by asking what you perceive to be dumb questions won't compare to the embarrassment you'll experience by screwing up an assignment your supervisor thought you understood. Questions are great for any company but write down your questions and ask the manager when they have time to go over your questions.

DO: Engage

It is important to make the employer aware of who you are and that you get to know a few people in the company. Understand how to be friendly without the need to "make friends" on work assignments with both employees and managers. Don't ask prying or personal questions of those you work with. By the same token, don't reveal too much about your own personal life or work situation. Keep things light and general, after all... it is a work environment.

DO: Stay Positive

Be optimistic, keep your personal business outside of the office, and always act friendly with your clients and coworkers. Employers want to hire someone who rolls with the punches and stays motivated even when things don’t go as planned. Maintain an approachable demeanor and pleasant smile on your face to be seen as new-hire material. Choose to be positive, it feels good and everyone wants to hire a positive person and have positive people around them.

Keep in mind your recruiter should be there for you so reach out if you have any questions. The Job Shop works one on one with each candidate and is in contact on a daily/weekly basis.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” — Steve Martin

Stay tuned for more tips from The Job Shop.

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