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The Advantages of Temp Work

Author: Darcy Raven

In the current job market, many job seekers are focused on obtaining full time work, and most don’t consider temporary employment as a job option. Little do they know that temp work can be just as fulfilling and lucrative as a full time position. I believe everyone searching for a job should be as open to temping as they are to being directly hired.

Temporary work is easier to get through a staffing agency like The Job Shop. Staffing agencies have tons of connections, and if you have a decent background then there could be lots of ongoing temp work available to you. This is especially true now that the holidays are just around the corner, employees are going out on vacation, and clients are looking for temporary candidates that can help with any extra needs.

Two Things that people might not know about temping:

Temping can Help Build your Resume.

If your resume seems bare, or you are looking to transition to a new job field, temping can help with that. Temping allows you to go from assignment to assignment without looking flaky. You commit to short time work, do a great job, and get a perfect experience to add to your resume. And if you are looking into getting into a new job field, then temping could be that opportunity. Temping can open up opportunities even if you don't have an ample amount of experience on your resume.

Temping Can Be Better than an Interview.

A temp role can do something that a resume cannot; it can get you inside the doors of a potential employer and often in front of hiring managers. With an interview you can only speak about what you can do. On the job as a temp, you can demonstrate it. And if you do show an exceptional work ethic as a temp, most companies are going to be impressed enough to pay attention to who you are and potentially either request that you return, consider keeping you on longer term, or even hire you, despite the role initially being temporary.

So If you are in the market for a new job, do your research and consider working as a temp. It can be a fulfilling opportunity, and you may be surprised at the places it will take you, the contacts you can make, and the experience you can build from it. Temporary work results in long lasting experience and skills that build your resume and can be permanently useful in your career and life.

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