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Stay Active While Working Remote!

Staying active at home

Author: Ashley Vukovich

Since the pandemic, roughly 50% of workers in the US work remotely, whether that’s hybrid or fully remote. Since then, researchers have taken a full dive into what that could mean for not only telecommuters health, but in-office workers as well. Experts are even saying that sitting is the new smoking! 

There are many reasons to why we should be avoiding a full sedentary lifestyle, if we are able to. Not even just for the physical benefits, but mentally and spiritually as well. While your body is staying active, you may notice more mental clarity and less of a sluggish feeling, which will help your focus during the workday. 

Below I will be listing a few ways that can drastically change your working style out of a sedentary lifestyle, and into an active one.

  1. Set A Timer. A timer is a great way to remind you that you need a few minutes to stay active during your workday. Where a quick walk around the office or a stretch, your body will thank you! 

  2. Invest In A Stand-Up Desk. Stand up desks are a great option in the workplace these days. They allow you to stand up and stretch your legs and back, which also improves posture and circulation. 

  3. Lunchtime Movement. Whether your lunch break is 30 minutes or an hour, you’d be amazed at what you can do with your time. Take 10-15 minutes of your thirty and use that time to get your steps in, or even just to stretch.  No time is too little time for activity! 

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