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Make Time for Fun!

Silhouette of a woman reading a book outside

Author: Michelle Mamerto

Many of us see fun as a reward, something that we put off until work is done. But play is important for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Play boosts your overall well-being, helps us cope with stress, and it improves our physical health.

Playfulness in adults is linked to higher creativity, a sense of humor and hope, and an appreciation for beauty. These links significantly contribute to overall well-being. Spending time doing things that we enjoy, that brings pleasure, has a relaxing effect that works against stress.

Physical play is important not just for kids, but for adults too. Many of us are more motivated to exercise when we are having fun- like playing sports, taking a dance class, or hiking with a friend. Playing helps contribute to our overall physical health, and if you are participating in sports with friends, it makes for great relationship-building.

Here are some suggestions on ways to fit play into your life.

  • Search online for fun activities. Make an old hobby new again. Think about the things that interest you, and find activities based on those interests.

  • Be present. Notice the things that you can hear, see, smell, taste, and don’t let your mind wander. Stay in the moment and enjoy it!

  • Listen to music. Music can control our mood. Enjoy a concert, dance in your home, go to karaoke!

  • Laugh. Watch something funny on TV, watch a funny movie, or go to a comedy show.

  • Find fun in daily life. The bus ride home might be a great time to read a book, learn a new hobby, or catch up on new music!

  • Plan for future fun- schedule a day trip or night out with your family- something that you can put on your calendar and prioritize.

Fun should be more than just a reward for work. There are so many advantages to fitting fun into your schedule. It’s a great way to keep active, fuel creativity, manage stress, and keep in touch with friends. Even a nice walk to work while listening to your favorite artist’s music, has benefits!

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