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September Surge

September Hiring Surge

Author: Liz Frome

Will We Have a September Hiring Surge?

Fall is coming; September represents the start of the fall sports and school seasons, and for those looking to secure work, the month carries an extra glimpse of hope. Or does it?

The hashtag “#SeptemberSurge” has recently trended on TikTok with millions of views and multiple videos explaining the idea of a hiring increase that usually occurs this time of year.

Hiring managers want to get their teams filled out and hired before the holiday season so that they can be ready in January.

The labor market has cooled currently in 2023, but data from hiring sites has shown signs of it stabilizing.

The jobs report for August 2023: 187,000 jobs added in August as unemployment rises to 3.8%.

Does this mean we will have a hiring surge?

The Idea behind September Surge

Multiple experts have explained the reasoning that September would mark the start of a hiring increase.

  • Recruiters and hirers are returning from summer trips

  • Kids are returning to school giving employer parents more time to focus on hiring

  • Hirers are hoping to fill out staffing positions before the holiday season

  • Some experts say a September hiring increase is still likely

Regardless of the economy, this is still the time that folks are focusing on hiring. You're having jobs within a day or two receive hundreds of applications so it's definitely more difficult now than it has been in the past. But that doesn't mean that it isn't a good time to focus on finding a job and putting your info out there.

“September Surge” is not a magical road to employment but a good time to put extra effort into applying for roles. Take advantage of this possible surge, take advantage of the larger scope of opportunity, and make sure that you're really focusing on the things that you really want and the values that align with you. (We can help you at The Job Shop with your resume, with your goals, and with you next job; just reach out!)

What are the busiest months for hiring?

LinkedIn data shows January is actually the busiest month for hiring, followed by June, likely due to students starting a new job after the school year ends. August has seen the most entry-level hiring for the past four years. (September may not be on the top list but at The Job Shop we are still getting a steady stream of open positions.)

How to take advantage of a September surge

Whether a hiring increase will come or not is up for debate, but career experts agree job seekers should make the most of September.

  • Make sure your resume is updated

  • LinkedIn pages are fully optimized

  • Networking is happening online

  • Interviewing skills are being practiced

  • Reach out to your recruiters

  • Set goals

  • Treat your job search like a job

Good luck with your search and please do keep in mind there are a variety of open positions!

Job searching is straightforward but requires consistency.

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” —H.G. Wells

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christopher hale
christopher hale
01 nov. 2023

The term "surge" can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Here are a few common interpretations:

To excel in the pharmaceutical representative job search, start by obtaining a relevant degree and networking within the industry. Customize your resume and cover letter, highlighting your product knowledge and communication skills. Research companies thoroughly and consider informational interviews. Stay persistent and informed about industry trends to enhance your chances of securing a position.Post Office Job Placement

The Job Shop
The Job Shop
01 nov. 2023
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Thanks for the insight Christopher!

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