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Sales Tips

Author: Liz Frome

The Job Shop has been in business for 23 years and 50% of what we do is try to land new clients that will use our staffing services. We do this in many ways but one of the main ways is to pick up the phone: THE SALES CALL!

My recruiters and I came up with some possible tips that can help you make a better sales call next time. The tips are listed below.


People tend to let their guard down if you start off on a positive note. Think great weather, fun weekend plans; something you can make a positive comment about and this will get most sales calls off on the right foot.


The Job Shop has a large roster of clients and the feedback we have received from our clients is they do not like when other agencies talk poorly of each other. This is a very self-sabotaging mistake and it can immediately turn the conversation into a negative. It is best to just say, “No comment.”


Currently at The Job Shop we now have sit stand desks. For 20 years we just had the traditional desks and we have noticed a difference when making sales calls standing up. It seems our passion and excitement for our services comes across more in our calls.


There are several studies that pinpoint the specific times within a day best suited for reaching out to your target consumers. Find one for your industry and implement. At The Job Shop we have calling days and times. We pay attention and discuss in our sales meetings when it seems like the best time to call; based on when we can reach our prospects. Timing does matter and paying attention to this detail should lead to more sales.


Reaching out to possible new clients and not having a clue about who they are and what they may need is not a smart move to make and will probably be a waste of time. Plan and prepare for each call. Know as much as you can about a prospect to ensure to the prospect working with you would be a great asset. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU REACH OUT


Our main goal has been with our sales calls to set in person meetings. We now have had to shift during the Pandemic and make our main sales goal is to introduce our services to the possible new clients. Since our services include temporary/contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire we have streamlined this to get across staffing services. (We feel it is very important to simply the options on the first call.) Too many options can easily confuse the possible clients, which can lead to a “NO” right away.


When engaging prospects, probe for the emotional button that can help sway their purchase decision. Having referrals can help in this area; if you have endorsements by family, friends, or other clients they trust or are in the same industry.


Make sure you have facts on hand so you can explain your products value to the prospective clients. One of the great values for The Job Shop when we are pitching new business is that it does not cost the client anything unless they hire our candidate.


The key is to limit your talk time and LISTEN to what your prospects are saying. When the prospects are talking; keep them talking. Design and propose a solution that addresses their needs. At The Job Shop we discuss each client and will plan our services based on each client’s needs. We tell our client’s to always reach out and we will let you know if we can help and if we can help; what our services will cost.

The difference between good salespeople and great ones is staggering. Good reps hit their quota ... most of the time. Great reps don’t just consistently hit, they have blow-out months or quarters. Good reps earn their prospects’ trust and respect. Remember everyone you meet can potentially be a prospect or referral!

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” - Jeffrey Gitomer

More tips to come.

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