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Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Author: Michael Scaletti

When it comes to the interview process, often people think that preparing answers for common interview questions and knowing their own resume inside and out is enough. That's a good start, for certain, but it won't help you stand out from all the other well prepared candidates. One thing that will help you stand out are some thoughtful questions you have prepared to ask your interviewer.

To help with that, I've asked some of the staff of The Job Shop to share with me their favorite questions for candidates to ask interviewers. This is what they had to say.

Liz's Question:

Can you tell me more about the team/employees I will be working with?

This question communicates to the employer you are a team person and you are interested in working together as a team to help the company achieve its goals.

In addition, no matter what team or department you’re joining, learning the expectations, personalities, and priorities of your team before you even start can help you get a leg up when it comes time to join them. You'll still need time to adjust and settle in, but this question can help reduce that time.

Jojo's Question:

How long have you been with the organization and what changes have you seen since you started with the company?

This question shows the interviewer that you are interested in more than just the position you are interviewing for. It shows that you’re doing your homework. You’re interested in the organization as a whole and want to learn more about it. In addition, showing that you are willing to lean on and learn from the experience and expertise of those who have been there for a while looks great too.

Understanding the evolution of any company is important. That way you can be prepared to evolve with it.

Michelle's Question:

What are you looking for in a candidate?

This question will let you know what it takes to be the ideal fit for this job, allowing you to then show the interviewer how you can fulfill that ideal fit.

This question also helps you show the interviewer that you have initiative and are striving to be great in the position you are interviewing for.

David's Question:

What will you consider success for this role in the first month, first 6 months, first year?

If there is one thing that Interviewers love to see, it's applicants who are driven to succeed in their roles. They want to hire people who show initiative and a genuine drive to excel.

This question tells your interviewer that you've spent time thinking about how to be successful and that you want to do the best possible job with this organization.

Mike's Question:

What does the "day to day" work consist of?

It's good to know what the routine is, to make sure it aligns with your interests. Wanting to know what the routine looks like and how you will fit into it also indicates that you’re eager to get started with the new position.

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