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The Job Shop Volunteers: SF Public Works

The Job Shop is proud to be a continuous volunteer with San Francisco Public Works. San Francisco Public Works is one of the largest and most complex municipal operations in the City, with a 1,600-member workforce and a $384 million annual operating budget. The department's active capital project portfolio exceeds $3 billion. As one of San Francisco's oldest city departments, it is also one of the most forward-thinking. As a 24/7 operation with a diverse set of responsibilities, Public Works touches every neighborhood in San Francisco. The staff designs and manages construction of civic buildings and streets, cleans and greens the right of way, maintains civic buildings, trains people for jobs, keeps the right of way free of hazards, paves the streets, repairs bridges, and public stairways, expands accessibility and works at the forefront addressing some of San Francisco’s biggest challenges, including homelessness. The department is divided into four divisions – operations, engineering, architecture/landscape architecture, finance/administration, and the Director’s Office and reports to San Francisco’s City Administrator and the Mayor. Public Works relies on a large roster of partnerships to help deliver programs and projects: nonprofits, contractors, sister government agencies, and volunteers. The core values of integrity, responsiveness, and respect strengthen the department’s foundation. What is awesome about Public Works is that they make volunteering easy. All one needs to do is email them at letting them know you would like to volunteer. They have different volunteer events throughout the year or you can create your own cleanup event. Just pick the day, and location and a Public Works worker will meet your group with all the necessary tools to safely and easily pick up trash. Through their program, we have completed some cleanup days in the city. Most recently The Job Shop Team went to Baker Beach and spent three hours cleaning up around that area. It was easy, fun, a great way to bond with co-workers, and a fulfilling way to give back to our community. Lastly, another way Public Works makes volunteering easy is they have an Adopt a Street Program. The Job Shop just started this process. We have adopted 2nd street, where our office is located. The next step is Public works will drop off some vests, tools, and garbage bags at our office. Once we receive our cleanup tools we will be able to begin taking care of our adopted street multiple times a month. Public Works, works to make San Francisco a better place and The Job Shop is very happy with the work we have done and will do through their program.

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