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Make Volunteering Part of Your Mission Statement

Author: Liz Frome, Job Shop Owner

I grew up in a home in the Midwest and volunteering was just part of our family’s way of life. My parents raised us to give back in a variety of ways. We grew up middle class, so it was not always about writing a check to support the cause. My parents wanted us to get involved with a variety of organizations so we could understand and appreciate what we had, to show us how we could make a difference, and even if we had little time to give we could still make an impact.

When I left for college, I knew I would carry on seeking out volunteer opportunities, promote it as a personal cause, promote it with any company I worked for, and if I ever owned a company to make it part of the company’s mission statement.

A variety of ways I have found to give back throughout my life and all have been very rewarding. At times I did not have much time but all of us have a day or two to give back.

Growing Up

  • Tutor kids in high school

  • Pick up trash throughout the community parks

  • We grew up across from a park and people would dump their animals and we would rescue them and find new homes for them. (Common theme now in my life.)

  • Volunteer to umpire softball games

  • Help with the older people in the neighborhood

  • Shovel snow

  • Rake their yards

In College

  • I would tutor kids

  • Participate in clean up days

  • Help with the middle school kids

  • Volunteer at the burn center at the hospital

When I lived in Chicago

  • Serve meals on Thanksgiving to the elderly

  • Serve meals to the homeless on Christmas Day

  • Tutor kids in the housing projects

  • Help kids learn how to play softball

When I moved to San Francisco

  • Serve meals to the homeless on the holidays

I found my main passion Golden Gate Lab Rescue – help to rehome Labs and Lab mix dogs (Maybe my passion is from my childhood.)

I then started my company in 1998 and made sure it was part of my mission as a company and would promote giving back in any way I could. My mom was not alive when I started The Job Shop, but I know she would be very proud of me with making this part of the company’s Mission. (Each time we volunteer I know she has a smile on her face.)

The Job Shop’s Mission Statement has been changed over the years but giving back to the community has always remained a big part.

To inform and educate, to be the leading agency of quality candidates, to be open to new possibilities, and to learning new methods and skills, a sane and safe work environment with respect for our co-workers, understand the needs of the ever-changing diverse employment market, being one with the community and foster an environment of open and honest communication.

The Job Shop listens to both the clients and the candidates with equal measure to ensure a custom placement. We believe in a balance of work and life by making sure we have fun along the way, that we don’t take things too seriously, and also by giving back to the community.

We are a small company and it is not easy for all of us to take a ½ day or a day off to volunteer but I want to not lose sight of my commitment to myself, to my company, and to the community we work in. We commit to volunteering at least once a quarter and I pay my employees 2 days off if they want to volunteer in their community or for their causes.

The Job Shop has volunteered with a variety of causes. Some listed here:

  • We have donated to charities on behalf of our clients

  • We have sponsored Special Olympics

  • We have matched donations on behalf of the employees

  • Give Me Shelter

  • Bayanihan House

  • Golden Gate Lab Rescue

  • We would make lunches on the weekends and hand then out to the homeless

  • St. Anthony’s

  • Public Works

  • La Casa de las Madres

  • The SF Food Bank

  • Off the Streets

  • Rebuilding Together/Christmas in April - we would sponsor home

  • Golden Gate Lab Rescue

  • Obama day of volunteer to clean up the beach

  • San Francisco Aids Walk

  • Clean the Streets

  • Glide

  • We have helped the community with computer skills, resumes, software tutorials and mock interviews

  • We have helped with food drives, toy drives and clothing drives.

What does volunteering do for your company:

  • Improve morale

  • Improve the workplace atmosphere

  • Show employees how easy it is to give back so they can pass it on

  • Show employees a variety of causes and ways to give back

  • Enhance the perception of the company

  • Creating a culture of volunteerism within your company doesn't just help others; it also improves your organization.

A study found that an overwhelming majority – 89% – of employees think organizations that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment. In addition, 70% believe volunteer activities are more likely to boost staff morale than company-sponsored happy hours, with more than three-quarters saying volunteering is essential to employee well-being.

There are many causes out there that need a variety of skill sets and many causes that you can volunteer right from your home.

Can you make calls?

Do you have design skills?

Do you have web skills?

Do you have editing skills?

Do you have organizational skills?

With the technology we have today volunteering can’t be easier! Then add in a pandemic and a lot of us have some extra TIME!

Does your company give back?

If it doesn't, you can start a volunteer program for your company. It is quite easy, and you can help improve the morale, help those in need, and build a better community.

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