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Practice Positivity

Author: Michelle Mamerto

Having a positive attitude at work doesn’t make you better at doing your job, but it makes you a better employee. Why? Because having a positive mindset uplifts the office, makes you someone co-workers want to help, someone they would cheer for and makes you appear like more of a team player.

How are ways that one can become a more positive person in the workplace?

Here are a few tips:

Practice gratitude.

  • Be respectful of everyone’s time.

  • Say “thank you” often.

  • Recognize effort.

Positive attitude.

  • Be encouraging.

  • Be nice to other people.

  • Be curious and embrace learning.

  • Watch your language! What you say has an affect on your outlook.

Be solution focused.

  • Solution-oriented leaders don’t stress about problems. They focus on how to solve a problem and keep their teams moving forward.

  • Inspire your team to have a solution-oriented mentality.

  • Don’t point fingers. If there is a problem, focus on facts.

Do what you say you are going to do.

  • Keep a reasonable schedule.

  • Set realistic and honest goals.

  • Be okay with saying “no” to things if you feel you are taking on too much.

  • Think creatively. Suggest alternative ways of solving a problem, or ask for help from someone who can do it better.

Positive people radiate “good vibes” through the words they choose, their actions, their outlook. Just being in the same room with a positive person is infectious and enough for everyone else to generate the same energy. Being a better employee means more than just being productive. Try being more positive and see how your work days change for the better.

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