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Post-Pandemic Success

Author: Mike Scaletti

The world is a different place post-pandemic. In the last year and a half the way many of us experience work has undergone a complete transformation. Remote work is up, job satisfaction is down, teams have shrunk, and mental health is more fragile than ever. If you're feeling lost or overwhelmed, especially by comparison to where you in the before-times, know that you're not alone. To succeed in the new world of work, you need new skills and new coping mechanisms.


We recently wrote about the importance of authenticity for employers. As an employee, it's important for YOU to be authentic too. Know who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, your superpower, and what it is you want. Know what makes you uniquely you! In the past year you've probably shown parts of yourself to your colleagues that they've never seen before! They've seen your pets and your homes on video conferences, and that is something they may not have experienced before. While this can sometimes be a bit awkward, the bottom line is this creates connections, and if you return to the office it's important to maintain that sense of self and authenticity. Be you, and be proud!

New Vital Skills

With the world being what it is, there are skills that are now essential for pretty much everyone, regardless of position, industry, or role. The good news is that simply by making it through the last two years, you're likely well on your way to developing these skills already!

One absolutely key trait is resilience. This is a great example of some of a skill that simply surviving the pandemic has likely helped you develop. We don't know what the world or our jobs are going to look like tomorrow. You need to be prepared to roll with the punches. The purpose of practicing resilience is to increase emotional well-being in the face of events that may lead to physical and emotional upset. This set of 5 science-backed strategies to build resilience is a great place to start.

Build Your Networks

We all know the old adage. "It's not what you know, it's who you know." In the age of Covid, this is more true than ever. If you've been looking for a time to build your networks, now is that time. Join a professional network or find a sponsorship with a mentor. You'd be surprised how much people are willing to help you with your professional development if you just reach out. The thing to remember is that at some point, if they help you achieve success, you may be able to help them! On that note, make sure to pay this forward if you get a chance. Being a mentor is also a great way to develop your networks.

Make Sure to Get The Help You Need

Now more than ever, maintaining your mental health and wellbeing can be difficult. Make sure that you stay on top of it. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed to the breaking point? Take a break! Believe me when I say that your boss would rather you take the time you need to ensure you're healthy than have you break down and be unable to do your job anyway. Besides which, no matter what your job is, your mental health is more important than your duties.

Once you have taken a break, take a look at your tasks and agendas. Discuss how you can reduce stress with your boss or company so that you can reduce the likelihood of reaching that point again. Also, if your job offers health insurance and you're not sure what it covers, talk to your HR department about whether it covers mental health care, such as therapy.

The bottom line is that no matter what you're doing in this crazy post (mid?) pandemic world, taking care of yourself is key. And that is how I define success.

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