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Aim for Success

Author: Mike Scaletti

Here at The Job Shop we often get asked by candidates how they can set themselves up for success. They want to know what they can do to increase their chances of landing a job. And while the answer will certainly vary from position to position to a certain extent, there are some pieces of advice that stay relatively consistent. In general, following these pieces of advice will help put you in the best position to land a job.

Be Proactive

We work with a lot of candidates and have many clients. While we do our absolute best to help everyone who comes to us find a position, the reality is that we don’t always have a position available that will match your skillset and background. That doesn’t mean we won’t have something that will be a good fit later.

Check-in with your recruiter periodically. Build a rapport. Update your availability and let us know about any changes to your resume and skill set. Ask about any upcoming opportunities. While they will reach out to you if anything comes up they think you’d be a match for, it certainly doesn’t hurt to reach out and make sure that you are at the front of their mind.

Showcase Potential

According to this study, the majority of employers (62%) sighted potential as the number one factor in hiring someone, drastically beating out both experience (35%), and experience (2%). This is an important thing to keep in mind, as highlighting potential is often overlooked when a candidate is putting a resume together and when you are interviewing.

Understand the organization you are being presented to and try to figure out what their needs and challenges are. Then try to show how you have learned and grown to be able to resolve such challenges in the past. Quantify your achievements and then show how they improved over time. Make it clear that you are capable of adapting and growing into any role the organization may need.

Continue Networking

One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is that we bring with us a vast network of professional contacts and potential employers. You should not take this to mean that your own networking is less valuable. While being presented by us will increase the likelihood of getting your resume actually in front of the hiring manager, and of getting an interview after, never underestimate the value of receiving an internal recommendation.

Go to networking events. Make connections. Online networking is a powerful tool, but there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction. If your goal is to land a new job, the networking events you’ll find the most productive are ones that include a diverse mix of job candidates, industry representatives, recruiters, and companies seeking talent.

Know How to Present Yourself Professionally

It may seem very basic, but this is one of the biggest mistakes we see candidates making on a regular basis. Presenting yourself unprofessionally can tank your chances of landing a job before you even open your mouth in an interview. Know the environment you are heading into and dress accordingly. If there is any doubt, err on the side of overdressing. Formal business wear is generally a good idea.

Also, remove any excessive piercings, make sure your hair and clothing is neat and clean, cover tattoos if necessary. While attitudes towards tattoos and piercings are changing, they will unfortunately still hurt your chances in a lot of organizations. If being able to wear your piercings or have your tattoos exposed is important to you, make sure to let your recruiter know! We want to find an opportunity that is a great fit for you, and if you are uncomfortable at work than it won’t be a good fit.

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