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Author: Tammy Doss

Do you ever wish you were exceptional at something? Like, set the world on fire, turn up the volume, crazy good at it! Most people think they are above average at a variety of things and may even excel at others but have that little hint of doubt when it comes to being exceptional. This raises the question, who is the judge and jury? How will you know when you have peaked? Who will be the one to tell you? Will you know it for yourself, or will you need validation from someone other than you? Here is a story that I think may help you realize you are EXCEPTIONAL, and you just don’t know it yet.

Recently I was reading an article about a businessman had been working to grow his business incrementally for a few years. For the first two years he had increased his business by 10% per year, which was amazing. Then after a couple of years he found himself in a maintenance position. Not going south with his growth but also not increasing the bottom line. He knew to keep the business going he had to do something exceptional.

To motivate himself he came up with an idea. Everything he set out to do he would write down and add to a check list. The list was everything from taking better care of himself physically and mentally to finding new ways to produce a better product and finally to improving his production and business. He thought about his goals and put his new idea to work. He realized that it was not just about making a list it was about pushing himself to achieve the items on the list. It needed to be personal so when he wrote it, he wrote it in the first person. Here is a sampling.

  1. I’m not knowledgeable about working out and eating properly.

  2. Exercise is important but I cannot run a marathon.

  3. My product is not the best in the market.

  4. I don’t have all the leadership skills to motivate my staff.

  5. Managing my time doesn’t come easily to me.

These were honest points and a good start. Then he did something EXCEPTIONAL!

He added the word “YET” to the end of each of these sentences. Go back and read each of the five points above and include YET at the end of the sentence. Now that is self-motivation and positivity galore. It changes the whole mood. It brightens the thought. It turns a statement into a true goal.

I use this example to show that everyone can be exceptional. Anyone that is looking to improve their education, job skills, interviewing techniques and communication skills, can be motivated by simply putting YET at the end of their sentences. If you are in the process of writing a resume, interviewing, or seeking your dream job you can say to yourself “I haven’t called The Job Shop – YET”. And when you do you will be on your way to becoming someone even more exceptional. You don’t need me to tell you because you will know it for yourself.

Keep the positive thoughts going and remember every goal can be achieved if you just say. I’m not there... YET.

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