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New Year, New Opportunities

Author: Mike Scaletti

Wow! Can you believe we're only a few days from 2023 already? Time flies. As newspapers and blogs take this time to look back on the year that was 2022, we thought we'd take a chance to look forward to 2023, the opportunities that might arise and the ways that you could capitalize on them.

Figure Out What Worked in 2022

Okay, I know I said we would be looking forward, but the truth is that you can't figure out where you're going without first knowing where you've been.

The key to figuring out what worked for you in 2022, as well as what didn't, is setting aside the time and attention required to look back honestly. Set aside a few hours and make a list. There are bound to be many aspects of the year, both good and bad, that will stand out in your memory. Consider making a list of the actions you took this year that had a positive outcome, those that had a negative outcome, and those that were a net neutral. Be sure to be honest, as the time your putting into this will only have real value if you fuel it with genuine reflection.

Use Your Reflection to Set Actionable Goals

Now that you know what worked and didn't work in the last year you can use that information to inform your goals for the new year. Look at what you achieved this year, and then see how you can make progress past that in the coming year. Look at what actions didn't work for you over the course of the year, and reflect on the purpose of those actions. What were they attempting to achieve? Is that goal worth pursuing further, or should you pivot towards different goals?

Combine Your Reflection and Goals Into an Action Plan

You have your goals set up, but what makes them actionable goals is having clear actions you can take to achieve them. You know what worked and what didn't when trying to achieve this year's goals, so use that as a roadmap.

Take a look at each individual goal and create a series of small, easily achieved steps that you can take to arrive at that goal. Remember, every destination is arrived at one step at a time. Likewise, every opportunity can only be seized by taking each of the small steps necessary to do so.

Enjoy The New Year

The final step to arriving at your goals and seizing available opportunities in 2023 is making sure you have time to enjoy the year! Life isn't worth living if it is only working and striving all the time. You need to take time to enjoy the things you've already achieved, to connect with loved ones, and to unwind. Don't forget to do so!

If you need help looking for and grabbing new opportunities in 2023, The Job Shop is here to help! Give us a call at 415-227-8610, and we'd be happy to help you identify and work towards achieving your business and career goals!

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