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Getting Back to Looking For Work

Author: Darcy Raven

It’s 2021, and after a year of what seemed like a stop in time, things are slowly getting back to normal. With this normalcy, businesses are opening and are starting to hire again. Now is the time to look over your resume and make sure it is up to date and ready to be sent out. In addition to your resume make sure to update your LinkedIn or make a LinkedIn account. Through LinkedIn you can apply to jobs, potential employers or recruiters can seek you out, and it’s a great place to network.

After putting in the work to revamp your resume and LinkedIn you should reach out to your support system to proofread everything. Looking at your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn can be mind-numbing at times and you can miss some obvious spelling or grammar mistakes, so having someone else look over your work will help stop those frivolous mistakes.

Once you start sending your resume out, make sure to take breaks or have a self-day to recenter and recharge between your job searches. Checking in regularly with yourself is quite beneficial. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is there something you can improve on?

  2. What strategies went well and didn’t go so well?

  3. What else can be done to make the job search more successful?

We all have been there with job hunting so just remember you aren’t alone. Seek help from friends and family, breathe, and don’t give up. Have a clear mind of what work you want and go for it, eventually it will all come together and you will land that perfect job. You can do it!

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