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Avoid Workplace Distractions

Silhouette of a person looking at their phone.

Author: Michelle Mamerto

In this era of instant messaging, push notifications, and emails, workplace distractions are becoming more insistant than ever. Because of these constant interruptions, employees are spending less time being productive and have become more stressed. We must avoid distractions in the office if we are to take control of our schedules, and become more productive employees.

Here are some ways to avoid workplace distractions:

  1. Find a way to let your co-workers know when you are busy and cannot be interrupted: whether it’s telling the group, sitting in another location in the office so you can focus, or letting co-workers know on your workplace calendaring app.

  2. Batch check messages. Constantly checking emails, messages, texts, etc. can decrease one’s productivity, and it can take 15 to 23 minutes for a worker to get back on a roll after switching from task to task. It’s better to check all your messages in batches at preset times over the course of the day.

  3. Do one thing at a time. If you are trying to multi-task then instead of focusing on one task and completing it quickly you are jumping from one thing to the next, having to shift focus each time. It’s easy to become distracted if you are constantly changing your focus like that.

  4. Set follow-ups. Before the end of meetings, discuss follow up dates on projects, next actions, and assigned responsibilities. This will help to prevent unnecessary correspondence after the meeting.

  5. Do not send emails to everyone if they are not involved, as this takes up unnecessary space in people’s mindsets and inboxes.

  6. Use Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode to limit the amount of unneeded texts, calls, and push notifications.

  7. Make sure you are eating regularly, well, and are properly hydrated. What we eat and drink has an effect on our performance and moods. In order to be at one’s best, make sure food is nutritious, on schedule, and you are getting plenty of water.

Learning how to avoid unnecessary distractions is crucial to be able to manage your workday efficiently. Try some of these tactics and see if you are able to accomplish more in your day.

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