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A Tough Choice

Author: Liz Frome

The good news is you just found two new jobs that sound like a great fit for you. The bad news? They’re both at the same company. Should you apply to each or just pick one? It can be a difficult question to answer; however, in most cases, it’s best to choose one. Below are some thoughts on how to make a decision.

Review and think through what you want to do.

Just because you have the skills and abilities for a particular job, doesn’t mean you’d enjoy doing it. Instead, think about which of the two jobs interests you the most. Which job do you see yourself in longer term? Which job may give you the growth potential? Even if you’re less experienced in the specifics of the role if you’d be happier and more satisfied in one over the other, apply to that one only.

Determine the qualifications you have.

Take a look at each position and write down the qualifications required for each. Then, think about your background when it comes to each job and write down your matching skills and abilities. Use this information to decide which position makes the most sense to you. If you are still unsure which job you should apply to; sit down with a good friend and ask for their opinion. They will be able to remove themselves from the decision emotionally and give you an outside perspective.

Go with your gut.

If you’re still struggling to decide between the two, but have a feeling about one over the other, apply to that one. If you think it will be a better fit for you, there’s a reason. You should follow your intuition. (After making your decision do not overthink your decision.)

Still not able to make a decision.

In those cases where you truly can’t decide and want to apply to both, how do you go about it? First, customize your resume and cover letter for each opening. This means tailoring them to the specifics of each role and addressing in your cover letter the fact that you’re applying to multiple jobs. Explain why you’re well-qualified and interested in both, as well as the company. Keep in mind when you follow up, you may need to follow up with separate correspondence. (The main key, if you take this route, is that you are organized.)

Throughout the process, continue your search efforts, looking for other opportunities with different companies. Even if you think you’re a slam dunk for one of the openings, you never know if there’s an internal candidate in the running. Keep in mind if you don’t get a call for an interview after following up, don’t Give UP!

Always keep in mind if you are using a staffing agency you can reach out to them for more advice. The Job Shop is always there to help our candidates.

Be open – Be Flexible – Never Stop Searching for Your Dream Job

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