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8 Tips To Prioritize Work

Author: Michelle Mamerto

  1. Make a list. Identify what’s most important on your list. Identify what is the most urgent.

  2. You can determine order of importance on your list by basing it on your deadlines for the week, client expectations, or co-worker/supervisor requests. An example would be to send out the proposal to a client that is due by mid-morning, before moving on to the next project.

  3. Set boundaries- let co-workers know you are focused on a project and will speak with them at another time, or set your email away message

  4. Avoid distractions- but also account for them. The extra-long conversation by the water cooler, or a long phone call may not be a great idea if you are on a deadline, but you should account for times when you do need a break- because you should take breaks throughout the day.

  5. Use a scheduling tool/calendar/technology. Schedule reminders for your meetings and important deadlines.

  6. Break down large goals into smaller, attainable goals.

  7. Do one thing at a time.

  8. Delegate tasks

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