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10 Blogs To Grow Your Career

A tree growing in the light of advice received from good career blogs

Author: Mike Scaletti

Career growth requires a steady influx of fresh ideas, guidance, and inspiration. Whether you're seeking your first job, contemplating a career switch, or striving for a leadership role, insightful advice can make a difference. To help you navigate your career journey, we've curated a list of ten career-oriented blogs that are packed with useful tips and insights.

10 Career Development Blogs to Follow Right Now

  1. A go-to resource for advice on job seeking, academic life, and working abroad. This blog brings together experienced career professionals who share real-life experiences and interactive posts​​.

  2. Campus to Career: This blog is ideal for emerging leaders and young professionals, with a focus on expert advice, real-life experiences, and a wide range of career preparation strategies, particularly for college students and post-graduation paths.

  3. Career Potential: Offering career success resources, breakthrough sessions, webinars, and blogs, Career Potential is all about job education and career development. It’s a great resource for all job seekers looking for a more structured approach to their career growth​​.

  4. Career Trend: Besides offering expert resume writing services, Career Trend also features blog posts full of advice and news that are relevant to career-focused individuals. From executive templates to social media profiles, this blog has you covered​​.

  5. Interview Coach: Headed by Margaret Buj, a recruitment expert featured in the Financial Times, this blog lends her 15 years of international recruitment experience to those looking for new and better job opportunities. It's an excellent resource for interview tips and job hunting strategies​​.

  6. Classy Career Girl: Recognized as one of Forbes’ 35 Most Influential Career Sites in 2014, Classy Career Girl believes every woman can find a career to fit her goals. The blog provides advice on goal-setting, maintaining a work-life balance, and career change training​.

  7. Career Tree Coaching: Blog manager Sarah offers expertise to achieve career happiness, covering topics such as career health, career planning, and career change. You’ll also find online courses, career quizzes, and other resources on this blog to assist you in your career journey​​.

  8. InHerSight Blog: A female-focused career advice platform, InHerSight Blog features discussions on issues like economic variances, career goals, and interviews. It spotlights women in the news and empowers women in their careers, making it an essential resource for female job seekers​​.

  9. Personal Career Man agement: This blog features daily posts that discuss career-related topics and guide visitors through professional profiles, staying motivated at work, and nailing the interview. It's a great guide for those looking for advice on maintaining professional growth and motivation.

  10. The Job Shop's Blog: Finally, our own blog! From advice on how to create a compelling, tailored resume, mastering the art of asking for a raise, to leveraging artificial intelligence in job hunting, our blog provides a comprehensive guide to navigating your career path. We also cover important soft skills and leadership traits, essential for any successful career​.

Each of these blogs brings unique insights and expertise to the table, making them valuable resources for any job seeker. By following them, you'll stay informed about the latest career trends, get valuable advice, and find the inspiration you need to achieve your career goals. So, dive in, start exploring, and take the next step in your career journey.

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