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Weekend Planner: August 21st, 2020

We know things are weird right now, and you might not even be working with everything going on, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a chance to enjoy the weekend! Life goes on, and having a little fun and/or some relaxation is still necessary for your mental health. So check out these (safely social distanced) events you can participate in this weekend!

Click on any of the event titles for a link to the event.


Friday, August 14th



All Times, All Ages


84 works of film and video

71 artists representing 22 countries and territories

9 programs streaming streaming live

Join us Friday for Ever Westward: Remembering Bruce Baillie and every evening through August 29 (7pm PST) to get the fully immserive CROSSROADS experience.

A different program every night!

all programs streaming from our online livestream screening room at

All programs available on a view-when-desired basis August 30-September 30.

Faith Arazi | Bruce Baillie | Stephanie Barber | Jon Behrens | Orit Ben-Shitrit | Michael Betancourt | Giuseppe Boccassini | Emily Chao | Gloria Chung | Olivia Ciummo | Charlotte Clermont | Colectivo los ingrávidos | Susan DeLeo | Francisca Duran | Carl Elsaesser | Zachary Epcar | Kevin Jerome Everson | Courtney Fellion | Siegfried A. Fruhauf | Brittany Gravely | Karissa Hahn | Mike Hoolboom | Sky Hopinka | Hua Xi Zi | Onyeka Igwe | Youngzoo Im | Martina Hoogland Ivanow | Silvestar Kolbas | Kamila Kuc | Moira Lacowicz | Kerry Laitala | Matthew Lax | Phillip Andrew Lewis | Simon Liu | Diana Sánchez Maciel | Jodie Mack | J.M. Martínez | Carleen Maur | Jesse McLean | Gregorio Méndez | Frédéric Moffet | Meredith Moore | Madeleine Mori | Jeremy Moss | Tomonari Nishikawa | Naween Noppakun | Lydia Nsiah | Laura J. Padgett | Zack Parrinella | Nisha Platzer | Luther Price | Miko Revereza | Michael Robinson | Margaret Rorison | Lynne Sachs | Rajee Samarasinghe | Talena Sanders | Linda Scobie | Anna Cecilia Seaward | Anne Lesley Selcer | Wenhua Shi | Eeva Siivonen | Jean Sousa | Giuseppe Spina | Deborah Stratman | Natalie Tsui | Douglas Urbank | Bruno Varela | Calum Walter | Kit Young | Leonardo Zito


Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

All Day, All Ages


Predicting the Past: Zohar Studios, The Lost Years is an original immersive photography installation by Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Berkman. The exhibition is a tribute to Shimmel Zohar, a nineteenth-century Jewish immigrant and photographer who founded the enigmatic Zohar Studios in New York City. The name Zohar also refers to the collection of writings that form the basis of Kabbalistic study--a historic text that is full of subtexts, obscurities, and tangents. Berkman's project, spanning more than twenty years, mirrors the complexity and density of this mystical text as he builds upon the layers of Zohar's story.

The exhibition presents over thirty uncanny photographic prints that address both Jewish life and the state of scientific understanding over 150 years ago. The images, featuring a wide range of dreamers, eccentrics, and malcontents, seek to engage with and embellish upon the conventions of nineteenth-century studio photography. The resulting photographs bear intriguing, often allusive titles such as "Victim of a Practical Joke," "The History of Dread: A Guide for the Perplexed," "Wandering Jewess," and "A Luddite Gazing into the Future." The photographs are accompanied by a cabinet of curiosities containing ephemera related to Zohar's story, various artifacts featured in the photographs, and a pair of large-scale installations featuring arcane optical viewing apparatuses.

An extraordinary artist book titled Predicting the Past: Zohar Studios, The Lost Years will accompany the exhibition. The book will contain thorough annotations for each photograph, a chapter on the studio, and a specially commissioned afterword by acclaimed writer Lawrence Weschler. The 368-page book will be available for purchase in The CJM Shop.

"Berkman's work falls into the tradition of the artist-made museum, much like the famous Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles by the artist David Wilson," says Lori Starr, Executive Director, The CJM. "It's a fascinating art practice that moves beyond binary questions of fact and fiction. We are so pleased to be presenting Stephen's first exhibition in a museum setting."

In addition to his art practice, Berkman, who was raised in the Bay Area, also creates historical photography for large-scale Hollywood films. Obsessed with Victorian culture and technology, he has perfected the rare and extremely difficult chemical photographic process known as wet collodion, which entails coating one side of a clean glass plate with ether, grain alcohol, and nitrate cellulose, and then dipping the plate in silver nitrate. The plate is exposed to light while still wet, and must be developed and fixed immediately after making the exposure. Berkman uses a large-format view camera with a Dallmeyer lens from 1864, whose glass is covered with nineteenth-century dust. The resulting albumen prints are rich with an unmistakable archaic quality: beautiful, detailed, and strangely unsettling.

"I appreciate the visual code of the nineteenth century, the formality of it, the way things looked, and the mix between art and science," says Berkman. "What intrigues me is getting inside the minds of people from another time and feeling that their time, what we now consider the past, was at one time contemporary. We are both the beneficiaries and victims of history."

Both the photographs and the various objects included in the installation create an idiosyncratic vision of Victorian life in the United States, revitalizing bygone technologies and themes within a twenty-first-century context. Through his work, Stephen Berkman shows that history is malleable and contains a multiplicity of meanings.

Predicting the Past: Zohar Studios, The Lost Years has been co-curated by Justin Limoges, Chief Preparator and Exhibition Designer, and Heidi Rabben, Senior Curator, The CJM.

Images: (first image) Stephen Berkman, A Wandering Jewess, undated. Albumen print, 11x 14 in. / (second image) Stephen Berkman, Conjoined Twins, undated. Albumen print, 11x 14 in.


Saturday, August 15th


Facebook Live

9:45 PM, All Ages


Join our resident astronomers on Facebook Live every Saturday evening live from Chabot's Observation deck! Each week, our astronomers will guide us through spectacular night sky viewing through Nellie, Chabot's most powerful telescope.

Weather permitting, we will be able to view objects live through the telescopes and our astronomers will be available for an open forum for all of your most pressing astronomy questions.

About Nellie

Nellie is a 36-inch reflector telescope, housed in a rolling roof observatory that allows access to 180 degrees of sky. This modern, research-quality telescope offers breathtaking views of the cosmos.

While this event is free, please consider making a donation so we can continue to create engaging STEM programming while we're closed. Our institution hosts and maintains the largest observatory complex free for public viewing in the Western United States. Any amount counts:



7 PM, Ages: 21+


In this social hour and how-to session, you’ll learn to make three cocktails, learn the tips and tricks of cocktail equipment, and learn more about spirits and your own preferences. In partnership with Taste Catering, Dr Inkwell will provide you with a cocktail box for use in the class. The Very Fancy Cocktails Kit serves 1-2 people and will make 1 each of the following cocktails:

  • El Humoso (tequila, smoky ginger ale, lemon)

  • Eldersour Fizz (gin, elderflower liqueur, lime, sparkling water)

  • Champs-Elysees (cognac, green chartreuse, lemon, bitters)

During the event itself, Dr Inkwell will demonstrate how to make each of the cocktails supplied to you. After each drink, he'll talk briefly about the snacks from Taste. At the end of the event, the audience will open to a Q&A session and social hour. It's a great way to e-meet some new people in a fusion at-home-bar-happy-hour-how-to-class!

Included in your cocktail box are delicious snacks prepared by Taste’s Executive Chef, Aaron Plascencia and Executive Pastry Chef, Rick Griggs. Taste Catering’s “Very Fancy Barsnacks” may include:

  • Ready-to-eat Gourmet Sriracha Popcorn

  • Organic California Smoked Almonds

  • Middle-Eastern Spiced Chickpeas

Snacks may vary based on total quantity ordered.

To make the cocktails you’ll need a cocktail shaker set, jigger, and strainer. Cocktail equipment kits are also available for purchase:

  • Full Kit $65 (Boozephreaks-branded stainless steel shaker set, Boozephreaks-branded cocktail strainer, barspoon, measuring jigger, glass cocktail mixing vessel, and atomizer)

  • Half Kit $45 (Boozephreaks-branded stainless steel shaker set, Boozephreaks-branded cocktail strainer, barspoon, and measuring jigger)

These kits make great gifts as well!

Kits from Taste Catering can be picked up on August 21 from 10am - 4pm at:

  • Taste Catering

  • 201 Adrian Rd

  • Millbrae, CA 94030

Optional delivery is available for $20 (within the Bay Area). If you'd like shipping within California, please contact Unfortunately, shipping outside of California is not available. This event is open to ages 21+. You will be required to show ID for both delivery and pickup. Order your ticket by August 19! This event is perfect for those who want a fun online experience, as a special event, a gift, a date, or simply for those who want to learn more about cocktails. Book now to secure your place!

ADD A MEAL! Taste Catering is also offering attendees a meal for after the class! If you've been bar hopping, you know how hungry you can get after a few drinks. Taste's Very Fancy Meal Kit is specially prepared by Taste’s Executive Chef, Aaron Plascencia and includes:

  • Beef shortrib with celery root mash - OR - Baked butternut squash tortellini with fiscalini cheddar, aged balsamic and crispy onions

  • Roasted brussels sprouts with sherried brown butter

  • House-made brioche rolls with honey butter


  • Executive Pastry Chef, Rick Griggs' seasonal fruit galette for 2

Taste's Very Fancy Meal Kit is $52 and will be ready with your Cocktail Kit and Bar snacks. Dr Inkwell will add instruction on when to heat your kit so that you can enjoy dinner at the close of class.


Sunday, August 16th


Golden Gate Park

All Day, All Ages


Sunday Streets San Francisco Sunset/Great Highway is back!

Enjoy 4+ miles of car-free open space for you and your community. Check out Activity Hubs by Murphy Windmill and Spreckels Lake (by the Bison Paddock) for FREE fun, family-friendly activities offered by local nonprofits, community groups, and small businesses.

Walk, dance, skate, bike, play, and explore the whole route while taking in live music, education & professional development resources, blood pressure screenings, food demos and more!

Sign up to #VOLUNTEER: Besides free lunch, you'll get a t-shirt and other fun perks!

For more about the route, including detours and towing info, visit:

For local access concerns, contact




Attend a planning meeting:




Sign up for the Sunday Streets newsletter:



Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Spin, JUMP and

SF Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs's SF COUNTS!

Sunday Streets is a program of the nonprofit Livable City, presented in partnership with the SFMTA | San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, SFDPH and the Shape Up San Francisco Coalition.








9 AM, All Ages


Come eat, drink, shop, play, connect and be local at the Outer Sunset Farmers Market & Mercantile, a festive open-air, year-round weekly market featuring local farmers, ranchers, food artisans, merchants, makers, artists and organizations on a closed-to-traffic 37th Avenue between Ortega and Pacheco.

Outer Sunset Farmers Market & Mercantile Every Sunday at 9 am – 3 pm 37th Avenue at Ortega, SF

The Outer Sunset Farmers Market & Mercantile is a weekly market featuring farmers, ranchers, food artisans and vendors, makers, merchants, artists, and local organizations. OSFMM is proudly presented by Sunset Mercantile in collaboration with District 4 Supervisor Gordon MarOffice of Economic and Workforce Development, and People of Parkside Sunset.

Our open-air market will launch with a thoughtful and comprehensive COVID-19 safety plan. The plan will include guidelines, protocols, and a modified program of activities that will evolve along with this situation but will reflect at all times the goal of helping to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the community, vendors, and staff.

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