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Weekend Planner: April 30th, 2021

We know things are weird right now, and you might not even be working with everything going on, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a chance to enjoy the weekend! Life goes on, and having a little fun and/or some relaxation is still necessary for your mental health. So check out these (safely social distanced) events you can participate in this weekend!

Click on any of the event titles for a link to the event.


Friday, April 30th


Fort Mason Center

5:30 PM, All Ages


FORT MASON FLIX presents hit movies at an iconic location on the San Francisco Bay. With drive-in theaters experiencing a renaissance around the country, FORT MASON FLIX is a pop-up drive-in theater. Housed on FMCAC's historic waterfront campus, FORT MASON FLIX will present a cornucopia of film programming, from family favorites and cult classics to blockbusters and arthouse cinema.

Todays showings are:

Citizen Kane - 5:30 PM

Mean Girls - 8:45 PM



5 PM, All Ages

Donation Requested

SFJAZZ takes great pride in bringing joy to people's lives through live jazz performances and education events each week. Even though the SFJAZZ Center will be dark for the immediate future, our goal in bringing enjoyment to our Members and patrons through music will continue to be our focus.

Available free to current SFJAZZ Members or through a 1-month $5 Fridays at Five digital membership, this new weekly series will feature exclusive footage from some of the most memorable SFJAZZ concerts from the past few years. Each digital concert experience will get you closer than ever to the music, while providing an online platform that will help directly support artists. So grab your favorite beverage, maybe even some popcorn, and enjoy Fridays at Five!


Saturday, May 1st



8 PM, Ages: 21+


The Cinco de Mayo Beer and Tequila Festival is going virtual this year and coming to your living room. Enjoy a box of 8 craft beers and 2 Tequilas. Guests can expect flavors and styles from south of the border along with 2 different 50ml Tequilas. Stream the video where the breweries and distilleries guide you through their tastings. Listen to music from our Latin bands and solo artists and laugh along with comedy sketches and more.


Delivery can be made to any city in the state of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. You must be 21+ to accept the delivery. A $10 delivery fee will be added to each ticket. Deliveries will be made 2-3 days before the event.

Contents of The Package

The package contains a 8 full beers and 2 X 50ml bottles of Tequila. It is made for 1-2 people. 1 person if you are a huge beer drinker. 2 people, if you are a moderate beer drinker. Please put your beer package in the refrigerator once it arrives.

Virtual Video Link

A video link will be emailed to you a day before the event. The video is shown live at 8pm to 10pm with online chat. After 10pm, the video can still be accessed anytime to watch at your own convenience.


Clarion Performance Arts Center

12 PM, All Ages


Clarion Performing Arts Center is the only performing arts center in San Francisco Chinatown and its neighboring communities. Clarion celebrates its Grand Reopening and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on May 1 with five hours of indoor and outdoor activities. Midday Music featuring Ultra World X-Tet World Fusion Jazz, Poetry and Music Open Mics, Film Social featuring James Chan's Chinatown Shorts, Leland Wong's Art Exhibit and Book Signing with actress Irene Tsu. All events are FREE, first come first served due to limitation in seating. Observe proper social distancing and we'll have a good and safe time together!


Sunday, May 2nd


ACT Theater, San Francisco

All Ages

Pay What You Want, $5+

In early 2021, A.C.T. launches A.C.T. Out Loud, a new series of play readings featuring enduring works by some of the greatest minds of generations past. These plays have the power to reach across time, speaking both to the age in which they were written and the ever-changing currents of today and include works that have been long-celebrated as well as those that never received the attention they are due.

Upcoming readings include:

Alice Childress's

Trouble in Mind

Directed by Awoye Timpo

Mar 29-Apr 4, 2021--On Demand

Mar 29, 2021-- Watch Party

Time: 1957. Place: New York City. Six actors gather in a Broadway theater to rehearse an anti-lynching play, written and directed by white artists. Newcomer John believes in the sanctity of theater, ingénue Judy insists there's only the human race, and veteran actress Wiletta is torn between getting along and delving into the authentic truth of her character. As the actors get on their feet and small talk turns into discussion on motivation and theme, tension begins to run high, ultimately reaching a point of no return. A boulevard comedy with undeniable dramatic force, Alice Childress's masterpiece would have been the first play by a Black woman produced on Broadway if she had agreed to the producers' demands that she soften its message. Funny, incisive, and poignant, this play-within-a-play is an unflinching examination of white fragility and liberalism in the theater industry.

George Bernad Shaw's

Arms and the Man

Directed by Colman Domingo

Apr 12-18, 2021--On Demand

Apr 12, 2021--Watch Party

Between a hero and a mercenary, who would you choose? In 1885's Bulgaria, young heiress Raina finds herself in the thrillingly romantic situation of finding Bluntschli, a fleeing enemy soldier-for-hire, in her room. Raina is engaged to a Bulgarian war hero but risks her reputation to shelter Bluntschli, despite his annoying habit of undercutting her grand speeches with inveterate pragmatism. When the conflict ends, Raina's fiancé comes home just as the mercenary reappears. Will Raina choose the hero or the cynic? Set against the backdrop of the Serbian-Bulgarian War, Arms and the Man is a comedy of manners about the limits of romance and the unexpected allure of practicality.

Thorton Wilder's

The Matchmaker

Directed by Dawn Monique Williams

Apr 26-May 2, 2021--On Demand

Apr 26, 2021--Watch Party

"Money, I've always felt, money - pardon my expression - is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread about encouraging young things to grow."--Dolly Levi

Matchmaker Dolly Levi has promised to help wealthy widower Horace Vandergelder find his next wife and whisks him away to Manhattan to meet his dream woman. But Dolly has an agenda of her own, and Horace soon finds himself embroiled in a comedy-of-errors involving his niece and her lover, as well as two clerks who long for adventure in the city. From one of America's most beloved playwrights Thornton Wilder, this charming farce inspired the popular musical Hello, Dolly!, and is an uproarious exploration of the necessity of generosity, the limits of wealth, and the pursuit of the good life.



12 PM, All Ages


MAY 1st, 1-9pm & MAY 2nd, 12-9pm Pacific time

The Social and Economic Justice Film Festival presents films made by independent filmmakers who are affirming labor and other human rights, and advocating social and economic justice. The film festival highlights films and videos that explore and encourage change around the world and promote a global culture of racial and economic equality. The festival showcases works that challenge exploitative and oppressive social and economic systems and structures on a local, national and global level.

The sponsor is the Alliance for Social and Economic Justice, a unique coalition of labor and political activists, community organizers and cultural workers which came together to establish a Center for Social and Economic Justice in the Redstone Labor Temple. Originally built by the San Francisco Labor Council, the Redstone Labor Temple building has been a creative and activist center for labor unions, social-service organizations, non-profit community groups, artists and theater companies for more than a century. Continuing that tradition, the Center for Social and Economic Justice would provide community-serving advocacy, culture, media, and workshops using popular education methods for low-income residents, low-wage workers and immigrant workers.


Presented by Alliance for Social and Economic Justice.

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