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Use Your Voice!

Author: Marla Filipponi

As you navigate the twists and turns and the highs and lows of your next career move, you may feel challenged, or even frustrated, by how many of the variables in your job search seem out of your control. In this age of COVID, you may find the uncertainties of our country’s current economic climate add another layer to that feeling of so much being “out of your hands.”

Well, here’s the good news: One of the first steps in regaining control of your life’s path is partnering with The Job Shop to be an advocate in your job search. Another important step is one of the greatest privileges we’ve been given as American citizens to take control of our own lives and destiny: our right (and duty) to vote. By voting for people who you feel best represent your personal values, priorities, and life goals, your vote can directly influence virtually all aspects of your life, from having access to affordable healthcare and improved workplace benefits to protecting fair pay laws, tax laws, infrastructure improvements, and job creation.

This election year, 2020, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the future of our country. That means the opportunity for YOU to positively influence and affect its direction, as well as your own, couldn’t be greater. You hold the most POWERFUL TOOL to take control of your future when you use the preeminent right of being a voter.

We at the Job Shop want your voice to be heard. If you have moved since the last election, you will need to re-register to vote using your new address. To check your voter registration status, to register to vote, and for general voter information, visit: To find out more about voting safely from home with a mail-in/absentee ballot during the age of COVID, visit:

Thank you for being a voter and for taking control of our country’s direction, as well as your own!

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