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Quick Read: The Value of Music

Author: Ashley Vukovich

The prevailing wisdom has been for ages that employees need a quiet work environment throughout the day, free from distractions like music to allow them more focus. But a new movement is growing. Backed by research and numerous surveys, it is being shown that there are positive benefits to playing music at work. Below are 3 key examples of how listening to music at work, increases the productivity of employees.

  • Music helps keep employees focused. There has been a survey and studies that show roughly 90% of people who listen to music at work perform better than those who sit in silence during work hours.

  • Music increases motivation. Music can reduce fatigue with adding stimulation during tasks. It can also cause the brain to release the chemical dopamine, which works to regulate motivation and goal-oriented behavior. Two key factors in a productive day at work.

  • Music makes people happier. Beyond the background noise, music is shown to decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, minimize the risk of burnout, and improve attitudes in and outside of work

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