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The Value of a Signature Dish

Author: Tammy Doss

Does everyone love your double chocolate salted caramel brownies? This might just be your signature dish. Having just one thing that you make well will bring you and others great comfort and joy.

Not everyone is a great cook. Let’s just be honest a lot of folks don’t even like to cook. However, it is important to perfect a couple of dishes you can share and be proud of. The reasoning here is that when you are called on to contribute to the Company Potluck, Thanksgiving, or a Child’s Class Party you don’t want to bring something store-bought. Homemade is always better and shows you took the time and effort to make something special.

When you are consoling a dear friend who is ill or has lost a loved one, comfort food is essential for the healing process. Other reasons for sharing may be Birthdays, Showers or just a simple "Thank You" for something that was kindly done for you or anytime you just want to bring a smile to someone’s face.

The recipe does not have to be difficult or include extravagant ingredients. It is not necessary to spend a fortune either. It may even be something you do not actually cook. For instance, a beautiful tray of cheese, crackers, and fruit or a vegetable platter with a nice dipping sauce. It does need one essential component and that is love. By putting your time and energy into making something delicious you will be rewarded tenfold. In general, it is safe to say, that people love to eat so you are halfway there no matter what recipe you choose.

Take a few minutes, jot down the recipe and print several copies for future events. Put the recipe card beside your dish or give it to the Host so that if anyone attending has food allergies or health restrictions they are aware of the ingredients. This is just another kindness you can pass along.

The holidays are coming up and there will be many opportunities to show off your signature dish. Remember to keep it simple, enjoy sharing the fruits of your labor and have fun eating it too. With these things in mind remember that the Company Party may be right around the corner. You still have time to perfect your dish before showtime. Practice makes perfect so one last thing… pick something you like in case it doesn’t turn out as nice looking as you had hoped for. You can always make another and eat the first! Your friends and colleagues will be happy to have you as a participant in the festivities and you will feel good about your contribution!

Check out the Job Shop website for recipes we like to make and share.

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