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The Season of Giving

Author: Jojo Varona

The holidays are upon us and it’s the “season of giving” and we all know what that means: time to pull out our wallets and spend big bucks on gifts for our loved ones and donating money or items to those in need. For too many people that is all that the holidays are for, and it seems like the real meaning of this “season of giving” has been lost to the point where we have to wonder if the holiday season should still be dominated by the pressures of the word giving.

The idea of “season of giving” has become more prominent, especially over the past few years. We get easily influenced and pressured to buy the newest products from all the companies. This term “season of giving” also pressures people to give back and donate to good causes. While there is nothing wrong with buying items and donating to others, it is still important not to forget what the spirit of giving genuinely means. Here are a few ideas to help reconnect us to the real holiday season of giving.

“Giving” is more than just giving.

Material items are great to give and receive, but nothing is more priceless than giving kindness and love. Sometimes, the only thing people need at this time (or any time) is to be shown support through genuine care and compassion. Humans are capable of changing others’ lives, and we should really use this season to make true connections happen.

Be aware of others’ situations.

With the events of the last year and a half, the holidays can be especially difficult for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, are estranged from their family, struggle financially or do not have a home to go to. It is important to be sensitive to others’ circumstances. This is a time to offer assistance in whatever way you can. This could be something as simple as inviting a friend over for a meal or giving them a ride to help them run an errand. There are a million different ways to show kindness. The possibilities are endless.

The season for giving is more than one season – it should be at all times.

Rather than only applying these ideas to the holiday season, practice these different aspects of the giving spirit year-round. Being kind and hospitable is timeless. No matter what, always keep in mind that there is never a time where you shouldn’t be considerate to others.

It will come back to you.

As the saying goes - what you put out in the world will come back to you in a multitude of ways. There is no better feeling in the world than watching someone be so delighted by kindness. A simple fact, yet sometimes difficult for people to understand, is that if you are kind to others, others will be kind to you. What you do will ultimately benefit you, as well as those who you interact with on a daily basis. Positivity is key to a healthy lifestyle, and what better way is there to achieve optimism than to produce it yourself?

No matter what your definition of giving is, it is important to know that besides gift giving, there are other ways to bring the season of joy to others. Remember you don’t have to wait for the “season of giving” to spread happiness, kindness, and to show selflessness. Anytime of the year can me used to make meaningful and incredibly beautiful connections. It all starts with you.

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