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Take Your PTO

Author: Ashley Vukovich

To some, finding a good time to take PTO may be a breeze, but to others, it may feel like pulling teeth. Is it a bad time of the year to request off? What will my boss say? Does it affect my colleagues? So many questions about what could go wrong, leaves us forgetting about why we are taking it off in the first place. As important as it is to be a diligent employee, it is just as important to avoid burn out.

Below are some tips for easy planning your PTO ahead of time:

Take note of busy periods.

Before setting plans in stone, take a look at your calendar and be aware of any unavoidable deadlines. If possible, also take a look at when other employees have PTO scheduled. Your boss may be more inclined to approving PTO if it doesn’t cross paths with someone else’s.

Be quick.

Submitted request as soon as possible. Planning ahead of time gives you and your boss more time for preparation for your absence.

Use office time wisely

In the days and weeks leading up to your PTO, be sure to stay on top of deadlines and responsibilities you hold so that you are not leaving anything unaccounted for.

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