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Start Your Day With A Stretch

Author: Mike Scaletti

As more and more of us work remote, the likelihood of having an entirely sedentary day increases. That's not good for your health, either mental or physical. One low effort approach to incorporating some motion and activity into your day is to start it with a stretching session. There are multiple ways that adding a stretching routine to your morning can be beneficial.

Improving Posture and Mobility

Stretching feels great, sure, but it's also good for your body! There are multiple studies that have shown daily stretching can help improve your posture by relaxing your muscles before you start your day. This helps you avoid tensing up over the course of the day, which can cause you to develop bad posture.

It also helps mobility, which is especially important if you are sedentary (not moving) for the majority of your work day.

Giving You Energy

If you are someone who struggles with chronic fatigue and lethargy, a stretching session at the beginning of the day is a low impact and extremely effective way to combat that. Stretching helps oxygen be distributed throughout your body, providing a burst of energy to start your day. We all know the benefits of starting your day with a workout. Stretching can do many of the same things, without the time and impact working out requires.

Clears Your Mind

It takes a while for your mind to get started when you start the day. There is a good reason for that. When you are in a state of deep sleep your mind is processing the events and experiences of your day. It can be difficult to jump from that into a brand new day. Stretching, especially when combined with a mindful breathing exercise, can help ease your mind and body into the day ahead. This can help combat the sluggish feeling many of us struggle with in the morning.

Relieving Anxiety

According to one study, stretching for as little as 10 minutes a day can significantly lower your anxiety levels, reducing stress and making your day easier to get through. Reducing stress can provide innumerable benefits both to your day and to your health as a whole. Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to many different health complications, and it's estimated that 120,000 deaths can be attributed to workplace stress every year.

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