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Something From Nothing

Author: Tammy Doss

Making something out of nothing is a serious goal for me. I like to take something and with very little effort or money make it into something fun seasonally. I have a core group of girlfriends that get together and we do a small craft periodically. We have painted flower pots, wrapped the best holiday present and broken our pottery, and made stepping stones for the garden. All in the name of being creative while drinking a nice glass of wine.

The other day I was in the “.99 Cent Store” wandering around because I am so bored staying home 24/7 with the Covid thing going on so I found these small square pots for .99 cents each. I thought I can do something with them. I bought 12 so I could include the gals.

I wanted to do something for Fall or Halloween that everyone could make and take home. So with that in mind, I went to Hobby Lobby. Michael’s or Walmart all have the same stuff but was happy to find that the orange ribbon was on sale for $1.25 a spool. I purchased 5 rolls in varying widths.

Next, I thought fabric. So off to Walmart and got some inexpensive festive fabric. 3 different patterns at $2.99 per yard. I was on a roll at this point and thought what the heck. Back to Hobby Lobby for me and bought 12 seasonal picks to fully adorn these little boxes that would soon turn into a yummy take-home party treat.

My final purchase was CANDY! However, Candy can be expensive so buy in bulk. With the smaller boxes I really didn’t need that much. I could have used nuts or cookies but I wanted to stay with the Halloween theme.

The whole point of this is to show how you can turn a very small amount of time and money into a fun activity for 12 of your friends and everyone has a great time, puts on their creative hat so to speak and enjoys that one glass of wine. Maybe it was two. Mine turned out pretty good!

So here is the breakdown. You can do this with friends, family and strangers if you desire. Have fun and you will not have broken the bank to do it.

12 boxes $11.88

5 spools of Ribbon $6.25

3 yards of fabric $8.97

Seasonal Picks $12.00

Candy $15.00

Total $54.10

Even rounding up here with tax etc. let’s say it is $60.00. You have 12 finished products.

You will have a ton of fun with your friends, who will think they are SOOOOO creative.

You told them to B.Y.O.B. so that is their contribution.

You are a superstar for about $5.00 per person.

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