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Revive Your Creativity

Author: Gail Clemente

Life goes through ups and downs, ebbs and flows. It is like a dance. But there are days that feels like things are not moving or flowing, much like water that gets stuck in a ditch. The water starts getting murky and dirt starts collecting. Like the water, life can feel static or even stagnant. You feel depleted of energy, or creative juices.

You might even catch yourself having negative thoughts, and old patterns coming up. This is a good time to just pause and feel your body, feel your energy. Reflect on the days, even weeks and months leading up to this moment. Have you been physically stationary? Have you participated in any physical activity?

Now, looking back at the water that got stuck in the ditch. We have a choice: leave that area to get even more dirty and murky or, clean it up. Which one would you choose? Just like our bodies need cleaning on the outside, our bodies also need cleaning from the inside, an internal tune up.

Lack of movement causes the body’s circulation and energy flow to becoming sluggish- the blood and oxygen slows down. Now think about that- slow blood flow equals slow delivery of oxygen throughout the body and to the brain. Realizing this is a very good place to be in.

The next step is learning some ways on how to improve circulation in the body. The better our circulation in the body is, the better our energy flows, and the better able we are to manifest what we truly want in our lives, or in this case, just boosting our creativity in our lives. Here are some ways that have helped me. Try them and see how you feel afterwards.

  • Go for a brisk walk. One of the simplest ways to get your circulation going is to go for a walk. No matter how busy your work day is, making the time to go even for a 10-minute brisk walk helps bring fresh oxygenated blood throughout your whole body and your brain, giving you more clarity. Even better would be stepping away from your desk and going out into nature and getting some fresh air.

  • Mindful breathing. While you’re outside on your walk, pausing even for just a minute to be fully aware of your breath, and your whole body, is a powerful tune up for the body and mind. Try this for one minute: INHALE- feel the intake of air passing through your nostrils and into your lungs as they expand. EXHALE: feel the air coming out of your slightly open lips, the lungs contracting. Repeat the process for a whole minute. You may just find that you feel more awake and alert!

  • Hydrate, hydrate. Infusing your water with a hint of fruit. My favorites are lemons or strawberries. Slice up some lemons or your favorite fruit. Squeeze a tiny bit of that juice into your water. Enjoy the simple picker upper! Taking a sniff of the fruity aroma is also an awakening for the senses, which also helps wake up the brain making more creative!

Cheers to a more creative brain and life!

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