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Remote Work/Life Balance

Author: Michelle Mamerto

When many of us started working remotely due to Covid-19, we soon realized how tough it became to separate work and home life. The benefits of being able to separate personal and professional life include better health, quality of work and life, and a higher level of engagement at both work and home.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain balance when working from home:

Set boundaries. Everyone’s comfort level is different. Know where to draw the line with work and personal life. We all would like to be helpful, and everyone’s comfort level is going to be different. It’s important to establish boundaries to maintain your work-life balance.

Be consistent. Have a space to work, whether it’s on your kitchen table or home office, try to keep a routine. Also, stick to a schedule. It can help the mind distinguish between personal and work time.

Find solutions that help you prioritize balance. Turn on your out of office email notice. Let clients know who they can call in case of emergency. Address urgent matters first thing in the morning.

Working remotely can be a challenge as we no longer have a commute that draws the line between personal and work time. With set boundaries, consistency and systems in place to help make balance your number one priority, your health, relationships and your mind will benefit from your efforts.

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