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Register. Vote. Make a Difference.


Author: Marla Filipponi

With our November 3 election approaching at lightning speed and less than 40 days away, we at The Job Shop want to make sure all of you have a plan in place to vote – and vote safely -- in this most important of election years.

Whether you plan to vote by mail, vote early, or wait to vote in person on Election Day itself, each state has its own voting guidelines (and COVID protocols). We like to recommend voting by mail or voting early to avoid the crowds this year in the age of COVID. To help you formulate your voting plan and simplify the process of voting, visit It is a “one-stop shop” for your state’s information on everything you need to know about voting, from checking your voter registration status to finding early voting site addresses.

However you decide to cast your ballot, the most important thing you’ll do this year will be to fill it out and have your voice heard. Your vote is your voice and woven together ALL of our voices are the threads that make up the great tapestry we call American democracy.

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