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Refresh Your Wardrobe

Author: Tammy Doss

Getting back into the workforce can be a challenge. Wondering what to wear doesn’t need to be.

The Job Shop recruiters can describe the company culture and vibe so you can choose a perfect outfit to wear on your interview. This insight can be of unbelievable importance when you make your first impression.

I like the saying “Look Good, Feel Good” Making the choice to present yourself in the best light comes with these three basics. Cleanliness, Stylishness, and Happiness. All three of these qualities can be achieved with minimal effort and maximum bang for your buck. We all know what Cleanliness and Stylishness are and Happiness is about putting a smile on your face. It’s the icing on the cake.

If you live in the Bay Area you are in exactly the right place to find gently used designer clothing at a variety of shops that offer different styles and price ranges. Below are a few examples that will make it well worth your time to check out. Depending on the type of position you are looking for or the culture of the company you can choose items that help you put your best foot forward and not break the bank.

Good Byes – Laurel Heights (San Francisco) has been in business for 30+ years and has a great selection of designer and brand name Men’s and Women’s gently used clothing.

suiGENERIS – Market Street (San Francisco) Men’s and Women’s fashions - Buy, Sell, Trade. If you want to consign some of your clothing you need to make an appointment for that.

Buffalo Exchange – Haight Ashbury (San Francisco) – Exchange your clothing for cash or trade right on the spot. Vintage Men’s and Women’s used clothing.

Play it Again Sports – (Dublin, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz) If a sporty look is your need this store offers new and quality used sports clothing and fitness equipment.

These are just four examples of the many places that offer perfectly good clothing that is pre-owned.

Even with the cost of washing or dry cleaning an item you can save lots of money and add a special piece or two to your current wardrobe. The above locations are “for-profit businesses” but if you want to support a “non-profit business” below are some other places that would love your business.

Dress for Success – (San Francisco)

Wardrobe for Opportunity – (Oakland)

Creativity Explored – (San Francisco)

Free the Need – (San Francisco)

Out of the Closet – (San Francisco)

Good luck with your wardrobe update. Sometimes just a pocket square or lovely scarf can change the whole look of an outfit you already own. Maybe it’s a piece of costume jewelry or a cool tie. Get creative and enjoy wandering through these interesting shops. Be sure to consult your Job Shop recruiter who will be a great help.

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