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The Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Recruiter

Author: Mike Scaletti

When you're looking for a new job, inevitably you will eventually end up speaking with a recruiter. Whether that recruiter is someone directly with a company you've applied at, someone you met at a job fair, or someone with a staffing agency like The Job Shop, you should be prepared to ask the right questions to ensure you get all the information necessary to set yourself up for success.

Whoever the individual recruiter your speaking to is, asking them well thought out questions about the opportunities available can indicate passion, commitment, and interest, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn about the job in question and the process of getting hired.

The questions you ask of a recruiter should aim to achieve the following:

  1. Ascertain the job's alignment with your goals by identifying specific career path opportunities.

  2. Provide insight into the company's culture and how you might fit into it.

  3. Identify the salary expectations and role requirements for the position you are considering.

  4. Give guidance into the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process so that you can be prepared to navigate them.

  5. Determine specific aspects of the role that will put you in the best position to land the job.

Remember that the goal of the questions you are asking your recruiter is providing insight. The point is not simply to ask questions for question's sake but to help you succeed in your job search.

Make sure that you do your research into the company you are hoping to work for, the role you are interested in, and, if you can, the recruiter you will be working with (you can find out more about The Job Shop recruiters here).

Top 5 Questions for Recruiters

Question 1: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities of this position?

Any job will have challenges that it presents. Things that anyone in the position will have to overcome or which may make the fulfillment of your duties more difficult. It will also have unique opportunities, whether for growth, education, or networking. Odds are your recruiter will have a good idea of what those challenges and opportunities are, and as such asking this question can provide you with valuable insight as to whether this job will match your needs and desires

Question 2: When Did This Position Open?

Finding out how long a position has been open can provide some valuable insights. If the job has been on the market for quite some time, you could conclude that interest in the position is minimal, or that other candidates are failing to meet the requirements of it. Alternatively, if the job has just opened up you learn that you might be one of the first candidates to apply for the position, which could give you an advantage.

Question 3: What are the duties and responsibilities of the position?

This is one of the most basic questions you can ask, but also one of the most important. Ideally this will provide you with a summerized acount of all aspects of the job as well as providing a succinct idea of the work associated with the position.

Question 4: What are the requirements or prerequisits of this position?

Every job will have a list of requirements that a potential candidate must fulfill before being considered for the position. In order to be successful in the position you will need to possess the skills and expertice necessary discharge your duties. This question allows you to learn what those skills might be.

Question 5: What has caused the employer to pass on other interviewed candidates?

Assuming that candidates who have made it to the interview process have the prerequisite skills necessary to perform the job, asking why other candidates have not been selected by the employer can let you know if there are potential issues that you should avoid or address in an interview. Knowledge is power, and being forewarned of any potential pitfalls can help give you your best chance for success.

Ready to ask a recruiter some questions? Get in contact with The Job Shop and we'll be happy to answer!

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