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Quick Read: Filipino Heritage Month

Author: Ashley Vukovich

While October is typically known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also recognized as Filipino American History Month. FAHM is dedicated to commemorating the first recorded presence of Filipinos in America. The first presence of was on October 18, 1587, when Filipino sailors called “Luzones Indios” arrived by ship to Morro Bay, CA. Below are a few tips we can all use to help celebrate Filipinos Americans not only this month, but months moving forward!

  1. Recognize what Filipino Americans contribute to American history. Filipinos landed in America before the pilgrims and participated in fur trade with Alaskan Natives. They also helped fight during WWII for and with the US to protect our freedom.

  2. Donate to charities that support Filipino American communities through the nations. The Bayanihan Community Center in San Francisco is a local center that partners with the Filipino American Development Foundation that supports resources to strengthen the well-being of low-income families, students, seniors, and youth in SF.

  3. Ask your Filipino American neighbors, colleagues, classmates, and friends' ways they think you can support their culture!

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