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No Matter the Person

Author: Faith

No matter the person, COVID 19 has probably affected them in some sort of way. We have all faced challenges, hardships, and triumphs during this pandemic, but in the past six months, only one thing has been consistent. Change. Parents working from home, first responders working twice as hard to protect us all, and for us students, school shutting down. 

When schools shut down in March and distance learning first began, school was pretty much optional. Every assignment was counted as extra credit, so most kids were finishing off the school year with 1000% in all of their classes. Now that distance learning has started back up again, everything has completely changed. Classes are all mandatory, and all assignments are being graded as if we were actually in school, which I think is a good thing. Nevertheless, it has been a big difference for students and teachers. Seniors don’t get to have their last homecoming, freshmen don’t get to have their first rally, and juniors aren’t getting the best education that is needed to get into their top college choices. 

As a freshman in high school, with a first responder parent, it has been tough. Transitioning from middle school to high school is already a big change, but having to do everything remotely is hard. Trying to get to know your new classmates and build good relationships with your teachers through a screen, I would say has been the most challenging part. 

Students are also unable to participate in sports, clubs, or any school activity which is the involvement that colleges look for in their applications. This is another very challenging aspect to our current situation. Students that are working to get a sports scholarship are simply being held back from reaching their goals. Students that are working to get an academic scholarship, are also being held back because they are simply unable to get involved. 

Despite all of these challenges, I still plan on going to college. Whether I have to spend all of my high school years on zoom or not, I will get there. I know if I were an upperclassman right now, unable to participate in sports and clubs, I would apply for a temp job. To number one, help pay for the expenses of college, and number two, try to get a better understanding of what I want to do for the rest of my life if my college plans didn't work out because of COVID.

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