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MUST Include Resume Items

Author: Darcy Raven

Whether you are creating your resume from scratch or editing a pre-existing resume, it can be overwhelming keeping track of your work history. You might ask what exactly needs to be on a resume, how much detail to put on each position, or what shouldn’t be added to a resume. I always have to refresh my memory on how to edit a resume, which led me to compile this list of 5 parts to always include on your resume.

  1. Contact info – List your full name, address, contact info, email and LinkedIn page at the top of the resume. The information should be centered and bold, and don’t forget to capitalize your name. Double, triple check that your contact information is correct and that your voicemail is set up and empty. It happens too often that I come across a resume where someone's number doesn’t work or it doesn’t let me leave a message. If you are sending out your resume then make sure you can be contacted! Another thing to think about is your email. Having or making a professional email is highly valuable. A suggestion for a good professional email is:

  2. Value Statement – After your contact information at the top of the page, have a simple summary paragraph. State the role you are applying for and what values you bring to the job. Don’t just simply write “I am organized”. This is a blanket statement. Instead show an example of your abilities. It should explain why you should be hired.

  3. Experience – Start your list with your most current job, then your next, and so forth. If you have a lot of work experience extending for years, then I would suggest only listing the relevant jobs you have had to make you qualified for the position you are applying for. List the company's name, location, how long you worked there and the skills you used. Keep sentences short and simple, try to convey one thought in one sentence. Do not write long and descriptive paragraphs. Your achievements cannot be your opinion. They have to be factual and clearly show the benefit you have created for the company. In addition to facts make sure to show examples of strong power verbs in action like: Admin assistant/office worker - TRAINED a team of 3+ assistants for admin positions Accountant - DIRECTED a financial team of 5+ employees responsible for payroll A common mistake is emphasizing tasks instead of achievements. Those bullet points underneath each job entry shouldn’t read like a list of daily duties. Instead they should emphasize the impact of those duties. Did your daily responsibilities save money, boost efficiency, solve problems, improve customer acquisition or retention or otherwise make the company better.

  4. Education – After listing your experience, clearly state your schooling from the most recent institution you’ve attended. No business cares about elementary, or middle school. So just list your high school and any other education you have had. Make sure each education entry is listed with all dates locations and certifications received.

  5. Honors & Awards – Lastly at the end of your resume you can list your professional skills and any relevant awards or certifications. Again, this list should be short, simple, and precise. It should reflect what you have done, where you are going, and it should have some relevance to the position(s) you are applying to.

After completing these five parts on your resume it’s good to go back, review and have another person or two to read over your resume to make sure everything looks and sounds good. When reviewing your resume make sure you have clearly presented yourself and your background. Be sure that you have taken the time to customize your resume for the company and function you’re trying to get into. Make sure your career history makes sense. And most importantly, make sure to read the job description you are applying for. Know that you can do the job and that it is clearly shown on your resume.

I hope that the above information helps and can guide you through the tedious task of creating or editing a resume. There is no need to stress, just relax, have those five parts on your resume and you should be good to start submitting your resume to potential positions.

Good Luck!

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