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Make a Voting Plan

Author: Mike Scaletti

We're twelve days away from the election, and if you don't already have a plan to vote, it's time to make one. Voting is not just your right as an American, it is your responsibility.

Start Now!

In most states you can still request an absentee ballot, a vote by mail ballot, or even register to vote. In general that only takes minutes to do. If you are unsure how to do so in your state, Vote Save America is a fantastic website that can provide you with all the information you will need to get registered, request your ballot, and figure out where to drop it off, or where to vote on election day.

How to Vote by Mail

The pandemic is still raging across the country, so The Job Shop absolutely encourages everyone to vote by mail if at all possible. Keep your friends, your neighbors, and your fellow citizens safe by staying socially distant while engaging in your civic duty.

That said, the rules can be somewhat confusing when it comes to how to vote by mail. While most states are doing everything they can to make voting by mail easier, some states are intentionally making it harder or more convoluted.

Californians are lucky. California (where The Job Shop is located) has made it so that every registered voter is automatically signed up for mail-in voting this cycle. Ballots began being mailed out on October 5th. If you have not received yours yet, you can check where it is here:

Remember that in order to be counted your Ballot must be filled out correctly, postmarked by 8PM on Election Day (November 3rd), and received by the election commission no later than November 20th.

If you're worried about your ballot arriving in time to be counted on Election Day proper, you can drop your ballot off directly by taking it to a County Election Office. You can also vote early at these locations, which is an option if you have made a mistake on your ballot, have lost it, or never received it. To check the location of your County Election Office, you can visit here:

Ask Friends and Family if They Have a Plan

It's been shown that voters with a detailed voting plan are almost 10% more likely to vote. Call your friends and family. Have they received their ballots? Have they mailed them? Have they dropped them off? Do they know how to fill out the ballot? Are they planning on voting on election day? If so, do they need a ride to a polling place?

Make sure they have a detailed plan in place, and if you can, offer to help them achieve it.

Remember friends, this is the most important election of most of our lives to this point. Get out there and do so. Happy voting!

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