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Leave Work at Work

A work desk with a do not disturb sign

Author: Michelle Mamerto

Leaving work at work is important for your mental health, physical well-being, work and life balance, and productivity. Here are a few tips on how to stop working after you have logged off from work:

Set boundaries.

Eliminate any expectations that you will be working outside of work hours. Don’t answer work emails when you are off. Remove work-related apps from your personal computer and phone. Try putting your phone on Do Not Disturb during your personal time. If you are worried about missing anything important, make sure your team knows that they can alert you only if it is an emergency.

Manage your time efficiently during work time.

Have set times to check email, instead of checking every time you get a notification. Do your toughest work when you have the most energy. Take breaks when needed, and eat when you are hungry. Do one task at a time, so you are not constantly switching your attention between tasks.

Write a to-do list/plan.

Make a list before you leave work, and add to it, when you get in. A list of priorities can help you become more productive, focused, and organized. When you create your list, rank the tasks based on importance, and work on those first.

Set aside time for fun.

After work, focus on activities that are exciting and fun. Working on a hobby, exercising, or being social can help relieve stress, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Focusing on personal interests also helps set boundaries between work time and personal time.

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