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Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Author: Tammy Doss

Taking the time to get to know your neighbors is a beneficial and rewarding exercise. I’m not talking about being a busy body. What I am referring to is it can be a gratifying experience to meet some very interesting, intelligent, and noteworthy individuals.

There are many categories that neighbors, friends, and acquaintances fall into. A few that come to mind are Family, Social, Business, Spiritual, and Loyal. Most of these are self-explanatory.

However, what is a Loyal Friend or Neighbor? What kind of guy or gal falls into the Loyal group?

For me the most nonjudgmental, “A” political, attentive, and sincere ones!

Luckily for me, I have several Loyal neighbors. These sought-after individuals, for the most part, have big hearts, friendly smiles, and fascinating personalities. Real neighbors that can comfort and bring joy into my life. Neighbors that are honest and straightforward, calm my nerves, speak the truth, and let me know when I don’t do the same.

I am especially fond of Henry, Lola, Maggie, Koda and Freddy. These neighbors are just like family.

Wonderful others that are every bit as charming are Judy, Toby, Rudy, Bodie, Tuana, Steve, and Simba.

These folks are always ready to alert me to any unusual happenings, strangers, or oddities in the neighborhood. I would consider them a real blessing. I know I feel safer knowing who lives next door, across the street, and down the block.

Neighbors can be a real mixed crowd. Some are loudmouths and some are in your face and others are too personal. Some move slowly and are older and many are youngsters that bring a bright hope for the future. All in all, mine are a good bunch and since everyone pretty much keeps within their boundaries we all get along quite well.

Everyone does not have to be best friends! Having neighbors look out for me and putting myself out there to look after them when I see them out and about means a lot to me. So be a good neighbor and the favor will be returned tenfold.

I hope your neighbors are equally as special as mine. Get to know your neighbors and it will bring a whole new dimension to your life. I also like their people very much!

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