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Job Search Basics


Author: Liz Frome

Make Yourself an Obvious Fit

Study the job description and any available information you have on the position. Are you mirroring the words and phrases in the job description? Are you showcasing your strengths in the areas that seem to be of paramount importance to this role?

Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications During Your Job Search

By lining up with people on the inside of the companies at which you want to work, you will instantly set yourself apart. Decision makers interview people who come recommended or by way of a personal referral before they start sorting through the blob of resumes that arrives online.

Remember That Your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile) do not have to match

If you’re a covert job seeker, remember to turn off your activity broadcasts (within privacy and settings) when you make edits to your LinkedIn profile. If your current boss or colleagues are connected to you on LinkedIn, they may get suspicious about all the frequent changes.

Accept That You Will Never Bore Anyone Into Hiring You

Give yourself permission to be both polished and endearing. Memorable, likable candidates are almost always the ones who go the distance.

If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Very Nearly Don’t Exist

If you figure out how to harness the power of no other social media tool for job search, figure out LinkedIn. It’s (by far) the best resource we have available today for career and job search networking.

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