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Interview Questions for a Pandemic

Author: Frederick Pasco

Different times call for different interview questions. The point of a job interview is to ensure that the person you hire is capable of performing the job to a high standard, will fit within your company's culture, and is worth a long term investment on your part. We certainly don't want to make light of the ongoing pandemic and are hesitant to point out any "benefits" of it, but the truth is it does afford hiring managers a chance to assess prospective employees in a different light.

Whether face-to-face or via zoom, here are some questions that any interviewer might consider asking their candidates during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Were you able to work from home initially?

2. How did COVID 19 change your career projections?

3. How would you structure your day if you were to work remotely?

4. What was the first thing you did when the economic impact from COVID hit your company?

5. What is your preferred method for communication online?

6. What skills were you able to add to your repertoire while in quarantine?

7. What other positions did you see yourself in while job searching during these times?

8. What are you looking for in a company with regard to their response to COVID-19?

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