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How To Talk About Weaknesses

Confused and befuddled character, how to talk about weaknesses

Have you ever been asked by an interviewer to “tell me about your weaknesses”?

Author: Jojo Varona

Answering that question can be a bit tricky. You shouldn’t answer that you can’t think of any weaknesses, as that could come off as evasive and unrealistic. But it is also not wise to overshare, as that could hurt your chances of securing the position.

Here are a few samples of “weaknesses” and examples on how to answer them and put you in a positive light.

“I’m too focused on details.”

Example answer: I often catch myself getting caught up in the minute details of a project and losing sight of the bigger picture. However, I’ve been actively improving my ability to prioritize tasks that are relevant to the project’s goal and not worry so much on the small things.

“I’m too honest.”

Example answer: I value honesty and transparency and I sometimes struggle with tactfully delivering difficult feedback, but I’m actively working on developing my communication skills and learning to balance honesty with empathy.

“I don’t communicate enough with my co-workers.”

Example answer: When I’m busy, I catch myself at times being too independent with my work and failing to communicate with my colleagues. I am trying to remedy that weakness by constantly making an effort to check-in daily with the people on my team.

“I have a tough time saying no to extra work.”

Example answer: Sometimes, I over commit myself by saying yes to all the assignments and I get burned out. I have been making a conscious effort to set up boundaries and prioritize my work-life balance clearly.

“I have trouble letting go of the work and delegating assignments.”

Example answer: I sometimes struggle with delegating tasks to my team. But I’m learning to trust my co-workers and recognize the benefits of collaborating with the whole team.

These are just some examples. The key to answering these questions is to acknowledge what you think is your weakness and give examples on what you are doing to correct them. Good luck!

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