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How to Practice Mindfulness at Work

Author: Michelle Mamerto

Mindfulness happens when we are engaged in what we are doing at the moment- free from distraction and judgment. Why is it so important? Practicing mindfulness has several benefits including increased happiness, increased ability to regulate emotions, decreased stress, anxiety, and depression. In this current world, it sounds like a win/win. But, how do we apply this to work?

Mindfulness at work means that from the moment you enter the office, you are applying focus and awareness to everything you do. Here are a few ways we can practice mindfulness at the office:

1) Be present. Be aware of what you are doing while you are doing it. Try to stay focused on the task at hand, and try not to get distracted by other things going around the office (like Jojo’s new haircut!)

2) Do one thing at a time.

3) Slow down. Being in a rush can lead to some bad decisions and a misuse of energy. Instead, work on focusing and reflecting, so you can make your best decisions and actions.

4) Practice short mindfulness exercises. Even one minute of connecting with one of your senses can be helpful. You can find exercises online and there are also various mindfulness apps if you need ideas.

5) Set reminders so you remember to be mindful. Take a few deep breaths before a phone call or take the first few minutes of lunch to meditate.

6) Adopt a growth mindset. Believing that you can improve your talents and intelligence for the better with hard work, determination, and effort is a growth mindset.

7) Practice gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal and adding to it daily, practicing acts of kindness, volunteering, saying thank you for little things. Small acts of gratitude make a big difference.

When we practice mindfulness in life and at work, we help our minds focus on the now, train ourselves to adapt to change, and teach ourselves resilience, which can be especially helpful during moments that sometimes feel uncertain. What things do you do at home, and at the office to practice mindfulness?

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