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Prepping For The Holidays Early!

Author: Tammy Doss

Don’t you cringe when you start hearing holiday music too early? Well if you don’t, I do. With that said, now's a great time to take advantage of early shopping. I like to get a jump on things so that when I want to relax and enjoy my peppermint, cocoa, whipped cream barely a coffee number I can kick my feet up and TURN ON the fireplace. Did you get that? No smoke for the neighbors.

On this adventure I went to the Dollar General Store and found the following:

  • Fun gingerbread boxes to put small candy treats in.

  • Holiday bags of all sizes!

  • Fantastic clear containers with a Holiday trim. The lid is perfect to keep treats/nuts fresh.

  • Sparkly ornaments that will add a little fun to the wrapping.

  • Cute neon trees to use as stocking stuffers or bathroom nightlights.

Now you see where I am going! With a little preparation, you can be ready too for a minimal outlay of cash. Remember this is Dollar Store shopping not Barney’s or Macy’s. Carefully check the items to be sure they are working properly….i.e. neon tree lights.

I have a big family and lots of grandkids ages one to 17. If that doesn’t make your head spin I don’t know what would. They all think NANA and POPOU deliver and we definitely try to represent. It’s really not about the amount you spend. It’s about what the recipients think you put into it. I like the idea of putting a little of yourself into the package! This goes for all friends, relatives, and certainly donations.

Things that seem to always be a hit are just what you would think – anything homemade or fresh or sparkly if you are under 10 years old.

  • Cookies, Candies, and Fudge

  • Natural nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans

  • Fresh seasonal fruits, spices, and vegetables – Cranberries, Apples, Oranges, Cloves, Cinnamon

  • A recipe card that you hand write and include with your gift

  • Gift cards - Kids love lots of local stores – support your community! – Think yogurt, Ice cream, haircuts, nails, etc. Keep it within reason and they are happy for a one time treat.

We like to donate to Valley Children’s Hospital in Fresno, CA. We have a neighbor who has a grandson who has Leukemia and we usually put together some treats for about 20 kids and my neighbor delivers them as she is actively visiting the hospital. We don’t see all of the children and families but know that it makes a difference for working and tired parents. We get some great pictures and comments. The key is a little goes a long way! A donation can be beneficial for both parties! Try it and you will feel the joy!

I hope that your early preparation will pay off for you. My advice – Buy now before it is all picked over!

Simple, easy, and fun. Since it looks like most of us will be staying close to home this year you may want to pick up some holiday paper-covered boxes that they also have at Dollar General. They are attractive and with a minimal bow or decoration they can be easily ready for mailing your other gifts.

All of this saves time and money and what people really want is to be fondly remembered.

Happy Holidays a little early! Now would someone turn that music off????

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