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Holiday Job Searching

Author: Jojo Varona

Now that the holidays are approaching, most people are thinking that they should hold off on their job search until the new year.

But can I tell you a little secret? There are a lot of jobs open during the holidays and smart candidates know that there are a lot of opportunities at this time.

They know that during this time:

• There is less competition.

• Hiring managers are still looking.

• Recruiters and HR Professionals get their pick from a select group.

Here are some key things:

This is the time to ramp up and your family and friends will understand and appreciate that you are on an active search. If you need to cut out early out of a family gathering to take an online interview or phone call or perhaps even go to a job site out of town, your family will understand.

Just keep going. Although most people tend to relax going in to the holidays, don’t let that lose your focus. This is not the time to stop the momentum.

Stay energized. While it may seem like everyone else is out having fun and enjoying the holidays, your current job is to find a job. While a job hunt can take a lot of time and energy, you need to keep your energy up. Eat healthy, get some exercise to get your blood pumping, and get plenty of sleep. That wany you will be ready for that interview!

Keep your effort up. Most people will be taking vacations and breaks at this time. However, by being diligent and smart about your job hunt, you can stay top of mind and ready to hit the ground running when someone realizes that you are still looking and are available.

Knowing these points will help you stand out. Even if you are just thinking of looking to leave your position or have been looking for some time, keeping your search active at this time will put you in a select group of candidates that realize the benefits of continuing your job search through the holidays!

Good luck!

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